Aino Jefferson: Rest in Peace

Aino Jefferson was the Mother of two of my sons childhood friends.  Storm Maragne and Cash Jefferson grew up on Chadwick Street right behind us on 15th Street.  I can remember Mike and Alonna and Storm and Cash, along with Rome, riding bikes or skating for hours in the summer time.  Bike rides turned into trips to Wildwood.  We used to have amazing times in Wildwood.  Cash, Mike and Storm are now parents.  Alonna was babysitting Savannah when Cash was at her Mother's bedside.

Aino was only 51 years old.  She and I were 1963 babies alike.  She had talked about celebrating her 50th last year.  We were supposed to hang out for drinks with Shawn.  I don't think we did.  My celebration was low profile.  I am so appreciative of life and the growth that I see in myself as an individual.  This past Saturday, I attended two funeral services.  Samuel Wilson passed away at 94 years old.  He was the father of one of my best friends, Kenny Wilson.  Mitchell Beckett passed away at 61 years of age.  He was Shawn's cousin.  These transitions just prepare us for all of our eventual fates.

I will remember Aino for decorating our house for Alonna's prom.  She was artistically inclined.  She also came to party with us at our Christmas party.  She also has a young son Lance who will miss her.  I know it will be hard on them going forward.  I don't know if she was ill but Cash posted on Facebook that people shouldn't drink or smoke to excess.  If only following that advice was that easy.  Rest in Peace Aino Jefferson.  The Bell Family will represent at your Memorial Service on Saturday, October 11, 2014.   

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