The Lighter Side of Darkness by Troy 'Pappy' Johnson: A Spiritual Thriller

I admire individuals who can take the time to put their thoughts and ideas into book form.  I regularly visit libraries in any city that I visit.  I understand how difficult it can be to create a captivating book that will attract readers and provoke thought among those willing to take the time to invest in the story.  The Lighter Side of Darkness is the first novel written by Troy 'Pappy' Johnson.  I actually read the prequel entitled 'The Redeemer' when Mr. Johnson was in the early stages of entering into the realm of fiction writers.  I saw the potential then and I am witnessing the fruits of his literary labors.

Troy took great pains to involve like minded individuals on his quest to publishing The Lighter Side of Darkness.  Jay Durrah, an accomplished artist, was chosen to complete the artwork for the cover.  Jay and Troy both share a Howard University foundation as the basis for moving forward in the arts.  Troy also employed a number of artists to illustrate various themes expressed in the book.  One of these artists, Hillary Wilson, has a father who shared time with Troy as his current literary work developed.  Some say it takes a village to raise a child.  The Author has a world and spiritual view that he developed while becoming a Father and a Man of God.

One of the themes of the book is spiritual warfare.  I view the title as the fight to recognize the goodness of individuals even through the throes of addiction, temptation and challenges.  There is a significant amount of temptation and challenges in the book.  Some of the characters are challenged by struggles that they experienced on their jobs.  A few of the soldiers in the book experienced the guilt of acts committed while in the employ of Uncle Sam.  Some characters struggle with sexuality and acts committed while soothing the need for physical pleasure.  It is not a novel for the faint of heart.

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Satan appears in the form of Belial.  He is a main character in the book and is constantly lurking in the background.  He rules with an iron fist.  He has minions that are totally dedicated to thwarting the efforts of Dimitrius.  In spite of a flawed life, Dimitrius has been tasked with the job of saving mankind.  After his execution he begins the process of assembling a team to face the Clout of Grim among other wicked forces in the book.  Mr. Johnson uses personal experiences as a teaching tool in the book.  For any individual facing spiritual challenges, the chance to review scripture while engaged in a tantalizing journey has to be the first of its kind.

The church is represented in the form of Father Gabriel and others.  Some of the clergymen suffer gruesome fates.  There is also homage paid to the streets with characters such as Rashida and Miguel.  Brush up on your Spanish also because Mr. Johnson intersperses Spanish phrases as he expounds on his story.  The character Lilith makes me think of True Blood.  She is a vixen with serious powers of persuasion.  There are villains and climactic battles on the way to the conclusion of the novel.  There are also numerous references to the trials and tribulations faced by regular individuals in the major cities that the main characters visit.  It is a powerful novel with the capacity to change an individuals outlook.  Pick up a copy and read it today.

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