Buying A Political Opponent's Domain Name is Wrong!

There is an interesting process that is occurring in the 2nd Councilmanic District in the City of Philadelphia.
On Saturday, Councilman Kenyatta Johnson announced his reelection effort at an event that was well attended and informative.  Many incumbent politicians also attended this event.  He spoke on his record and referred to his sense of urgency to accomplish things as a result of his growing Family.  He mentioned public safety and education as two of his soon to be platform issues.  It looks like it will be an interesting race in the upcoming months.

The opponent in the upcoming primary that will take place on May 19th, 2015 is Ori Feibush.  I have met Ori a few times and had a few political conversations.  I think that he is a pleasant person who is preparing for a sometimes thankless role as a public servant.  He has a decent website and has put together a group of supporters that he hopes will propel him to victory.  He is know for his role as a Developer and many people will want to know what his plans are on the myriad other issues that affect people in this district.

There was an article in the Philadelphia newspapers this morning about Kenyatta Johnson's proposed domain names being purchased by either Ori or someone from his camp.  I visited and and was amazed at what happened.  The search engine automatically redirected me to Ori Feibush's page.  As someone who participated in a political campaign before, I am astounded at the motivation behind this political move.  If a Candidate is confident enough to enter into the political arena, then he or she should concentrate on developing a clear and consistent message on their own accord.  Buying another person's domain name implies some form of desperation.

A Google search will reveal that there is a major market for the domain names of famous people.  There are entrepreneurs out there that spend tremendous amounts of cash on the anticipated traffic that will flow to a site once it is up and running.  There is a website called that has a list of proposed domain names for sale.  Someone can go on the website and make an offer for a website that can be up and running at just the right price.  I am trying to understand the motivation for doing this in a political race.  Most candidates will have their own name as the basis for a website or e-mail address.  In this instance, I see it as a move to prey on that lazy person who will accept the fact that an opponent's potential website has been purchased in order to direct traffic back to him or herself.

I like the old fashioned form of politics.  Candidates can engage in debates and visit door to door to elicit support.  Many mayoral candidates are dropping out of the Philadelphia race because of the lack of funds available from potential donors.  One candidate mentioned that the $250,000 that she raised was not enough to make an impact in a quickly thinning pool.  There are still over 100 days until the primary.  I guess it is time for the 2nd District candidates to go into all out campaign mode.  I wish them both success in getting out their message of improvement and change.  There is a City Commissioner sitting now that went into major attack mode on the then incumbent.  It can work or the strategy can backfire.  The games have already begun.

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