The Seattle Seahawks Win: Improbable!!

I am over the sting of my Eagles not making the playoffs.  At the height of the Donovan McNabb era, I might not have been able to watch playoff games after we lost.  I did boycott a few Super Bowls because I thought we should have been there.  I will definitely enjoy this one.  The Seahawks versus the Patriots will be an excellent game. I rooted against Tom Brady twice when the Giants played.  It will be no different this time.  I take nothing away from Brady and his greatness, but I will be rooting for the NFC.  If it had been Dallas, then Brady and the Patriots rule.

The Seahawks were playing like they had partied the night before.  Before anyone knew it, the Packers were up 16 - 0.  They would regret not scoring TD's when they were inside the red zone twice.  It sure came back to haunt them in the end.  Mike McCarthy refused to go for it on 4th and 1.  He played it safe and the way the game ended called for a little more chutzpah.  One of the stories that will not be told is how Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the game.  He willed the Pack to a win over the Cowboys on one leg.  He almost led them to a victory over the Seahawks in front of a hostile environment.  Almost is a hard hurdle to overcome in sports.

There was talk of Russell Wilson being made the highest paid QB in the NFL.  He sure did not look like he deserved that lofty title yesterday.  He looked like he was caught in a fog.  He previously had the highest QB ratings in the playoffs.  Yesterday his rating was below 10.  He had thrown 4 interceptions before he began the comeback that will have Packers fans twisting and turning in their sleep for the next few nights.  It got to be pretty sloppy with the QB play on Rodgers side also.  He threw two INT's yesterday and his big game magic was undone by the Seahawks willingness to take a risk.

The Seahawks were lined up for what looked like a safe field goal when they decided to fake it.  The result was a touchdown that started the awesome comeback.  I was kind of befuddled by Marshawn Lynch's casual attitude on the sideline when they were down 19 - 7.  I thought there should have been more of a sense of urgency on his face.  Maybe his loose approach to the game helped them when it counted.  His 24 yard TD run set up an onside kick that turned the tide the Seahawks way in a flash.  I would be remiss if I didn't mention the two point conversion that took forever to set up.

The new overtime rules allow teams a chance to get the ball if an opposing team scores a FG on the first possession.  The only way that the game ends is with an opening drive TD.  I remember when Tim Tebow ended Big Ben and the Steelers playoff run two years ago.  He has not had a steady NFL job since.  I will not digress though.  The Seahawks won the toss and Russell Wilson led his team to a second straight Super Bowl.  If his team should happen to beat the Patriots, he will have beat 11 straight Super Bowl winning QB's.  He is writing a major story for a player that was chosen 75th in the draft.  He is a 5'10" QB who breaks the prototype for what a successful QB should look like.  Can anyone say Doug Flutie?

I look forward to a great game.  Andrew Luck and the Colts got smashed 45 - 7 yesterday.  He is in line for a mega deal also.  There should be some sort of caveat if your team gets pounded in the big game about just being given $100 million.  Andy Dalton certainly didn't deserve the money.  RG III wishes he could have had Luck's success so far.  As an Eagles fan, the only success I can appreciate now is the ring.  Chip, are you listening?  Good luck to both teams and I pray for an injury free game. 

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