2015 Celebrity All Star Game had a Philly Flavor!

It was a very cold night in the Northeast corridor.  It would have been an honor to attend the Celebrity All Star game at Madison Square Garden but I had the next best seat in the house in front of my television at home.  I was chilling with Alonna and Malayja watching the game.  I was intrigued by the participation of Kevin Hart, Mo'Ne Davis and the other A-list celebrities.  I am a Skylar Diggins fan also.  Life, along with a delivery of Southside Pizza and Wings, was pretty good last night.

I came out of Howard University in 1985. I know that makes me ancient but the luster of the actual All Star game has actually worn off a little bit for me.  My Stars included Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Clyde Drexler, Dr. J., Larry Bird, Isaiah Thomas and Joe Dumars.  I am not hating on the current All Stars but it has become a younger man's game for me.  Bernard King, Dominique Wilkins, Ralph Sampson and Chris Mullin were also a few of my faves from back in the day.  I appreciate saying that now that I have crossed the 50 threshold.  Allen Iverson was a generation removed and is already retired.  I know that twenty and thirty somethings are enjoying this show.

Last night's game was also fun for the coaches involved.  Mike Golic coached the East while Mike Greenberg coached the west. Mike Golic will alwayays have a special place in my heart because he played for the Philadelphia Eagles during our defencsive heayday. He was part of a fearsome line that included Jerome Brown, Reggie White and Clyde Simmons. He was a hard nosed tackle who now has national fame as a radio and television announcer.  I would have loved to see John McEnroe curse somebody out just for old times sake.  He was one of the most entertaining tennis players of my generation.  He has aged well.

I was a little saddened by the appearance of Stuart Scott's daughters last night.  He lost his battle with Cancer on the same day as my brother Gary lost his.  January 4th, as well as July 20th, will remain with me until I transition.  The Stars all signed a basketball and presented it to his two beautiful daughters.  I thought about the two police officer who were killed in the line of duty recently and once again appreciated the safety of my own home while we watched the game last night.

The action was pretty intense.  There was a big deficit early in the game.  Kevin Hart won a 4th MVP last night.  I thought it should have gone to Shoni Shimmel.  I remember her battling Brittney Griner in college.  She was knocking down the three last night and finished wth around 17 points.  Anthony Anderson didn't do much.  The owner of the Memphis Grizzlies put work in last night. Mo'Ne was pretty good but her jump shot needs some work.  Chris Mullin showed what it is to be fifty something.  Allan Houston should remain in the front office for the Knicks also.

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I was wondering what happened to Little Romeo last night.   He was a celebrity staple.  I was impressed with the young man that was a double amputee.  I will add his name to this post once I find it out.  The reggae band from Toronto, Magic, really showed the diversity that is present under the Caribbean bandana.  When I attended a Caribana parade in Toronto I realized that the islands is a Diaspora unto itself.  That is a subject for another blog.  I could not have been more proud of Kevin Hart and Mo'Ne Davis.  They should be a beacon for kids from Philly trying to excel.  I enjoyed the action last night but will probably find a book to read during the actual All Star game of 2015.

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