Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown: Please Get Help!!

It is hard being the child of a legend.  Almost everything you do pales in comparison to what your famous parent accomplished.  Michael Jordan, the greatest NBA player of my generation, had sons who played basketball.  They could not make it past the college level.  Doc Rivers was an awesome guard in his time as a player.  He had to pull strings to hire his son for the L.A. Clippers.  If he didn't do this, Austin would be out of the league.  Whitney represented Cissy Houston's skills at a phenomenal level.  There are problems with the transference of skills to young Bobbi.

She was in the news recently because she was critical of Angela Bassett for not casting her in the Whitney Houston biopic that aired on Lifetime recently.  It did not play to great review.  I did not want to watch it because I experienced the highs and lows of Whitney's life.  If she would have lived, we would be the same age.  One of my friends, Ricardo Manigault, used to work on Whitney's tour.  They are both angels now.  Bobbi questioned Angela Bassett's femininity and her talent.  Bobbi, could it have been that you are not that talented?

It raised some eyebrows when she married Nick Gordon.  Nick was raised by Whitney Houston as a surrogate child.  Many people thought that they were a little too much like family.  It reminded me of the critics who thought that Whitney shouldn't have married Bobby Brown.  That marriage didn't last but it seemed like Whitney's pristine image at the time was now reality.  Her body showed the extreme ravages of drug abuse during an autopsy after she was found unresponsive in a tub.  I wish Nick and Bobbi success in spite of anyone else's misgivings about their marriage.  It is so ironic that Bobbi was found unresponsive in a tub yesterday by her husband.

Three years ago, young Bobbi was rushed to a hospital after her mother was found dead of an apparent drug overdose.  There are purported pictures of her inhaling from a bong and looking disheveled after a night of partying.  I understand the problems that some people have fighting the scourge of alcohol and drug addiction.  I grew up in a neighborhood where weed was prevalent.  If I know now what I should have realized then, I would have never inhaled.  The supposed pain of living in a ghetto or not having the finer material things have not dampered my desire to live a full life.  Many people could not overcome the continued use of illegal substances.  Ask many suburban parents who have lost children to the scourge of heroin use.

Presently, Bobbi Kristina is in a drug induced coma.  What caused a twenty-one year old woman to fall asleep in a bath tub at 10:00 AM on a Saturday morning?  Why are the circumstances so similar to when her Mother took her final bath while in Hollywood.  None of us know the causes of this recent accident.  Bobby Brown is now by her side.  He struggled with alcohol and drugs also.  Their reality show featured raucous conversations and serious partying.  Growing up, I felt that people with money were shielded from some of the problems I experienced in the inner city.  Now, I understand that the struggle to live a full, substance free life affects people from all strata of society.  I hope and pray that Bobbi Kristina recovers from this accident and gets the help that she needs to life a healthy, long life.

P.S. Bobbi Kristina is still in a medically induced coma as of March 9th, 2015.  So sad.

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