On Depicting the Prophet Muhammad: Stop It!!

There was an incident this weekend that was triggered by Pamela Geller and a contest designed to picture the Prophet Muhammad.  There was a tragedy in France earlier this year that highlighted the anger that is aroused when non-Muslims attempt to violate this unwritten doctrine.  It is stated that the Quran does not specifically forbid the depiction of the Prophet Muhammad.  In Denmark, Lars Vilks was targeted by Muslims for satirical posts of the Prophet.

Two gentlemen was murdered in Texas on Sunday as they attempted to carry out a bloodbath in response to a "Jihad Watch Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest'.  Ms. Geller feels that it is within her right of free speech to conduct such a contest.  Maybe Ms. Geller sensed that trouble was brewing.  She supposedly paid for security to the tune of almost $50,000.00.  Was the contest worth that much?  I doubt it.  ISIS claimed responsibility for sending these men to their death.  They intended to cause major damage and death to the attendees at this art contest. 

There are a number of hot spots in the world today that are caused by religious conflicts.  Boko Haram continues to wreak havoc in Nigeria.  The leader preaches an extreme form of Sharia law.  Christians have been slaughtered in Ethiopia when they could not recite verses from the Quran.  A University in Kenya was the scene of the slaughter of almost 150 non-Muslim college students.  The Westgate Mall massacre will forever be etched into my mind for the brazen murders of shoppers on a beautiful day.  I assume that retaliations are being made throughout the world.

The history of religious conflict is filled with instances of slaughter.  The Protestants and Catholics have waged bloody warfare in Great Britain for years.  The United States and Africa were colonized under the guise of the Christian flag.  Many traditions were obliterated for not being strictly done according to the Bible.  The Eighty Years War between the Dutch and the Spanish led to the formation of the Dutch Republic.  There were numerous wars fought during the French Wars of religion.  Whoever has the most dangerous weaponry usually wins the power struggle of beliefs.  Many religious faithful have met the ultimate fate for a belief in a cause.  Not believing in the Roman Gods was a death sentence for early Christians.

In this present situation I would recommend that people leave the depiction of the Prophet Muhammad alone.  It does non-Muslims no favors to engage in this sort of religious taunting.  I read an article recently where the depictions of Jesus Christ change according to the country in which he is worshipped.  Jesus Christ looks Asian in the Phillipines.  He looks Spanish in Spain.  In the United States he could look European or African based on which version of the King James Bible is used for worship.   It does not inflame murderous intentions in many Christians or Protestants.  I recommend that we do not inflame any more tension in an attempt to exercise free speech.  Leave the depictions of the Prophet Muhammad alone.

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