The Grimm Finale threw me for a Loop!!

I don't know how many people on my Google connections watch Grimm.  It is sort of a science fiction series with a supernatural twist.  I have been watching it for about three seasons now.  This season and the build up to the finale were awesome.  The biggest issue for me was what was going to be the fate of Juliet.  She had become a Hexen beast when she helped Nick to get his Grimm powers back.  The power and hatred for all things good that she developed overtook her formerly sweet personality.

One of the things that impressed me this season was the emergence of Officer Wu as an ally for Nick and Hank.  He was actually placed in a mental home in a previous season because he couldn't believe some of the things he had seen.  There are some strange things going on in Portland, Oregon.  One story featured the spirit of an Indian warrior who had inhabited the body of the son of a murder victim.  The son witnessed his father being beat to death by some town thugs.  The spirit caused him to murder two of the perpetrators.  Hank caught the spirit and then it entered the body of a female police officer.  What in the name of Sixth Sense is going on here!!

My girl Garcelle Beauvois was in this seasons episodes also.  She was some sort of savant with regards to potions and such.  She tried to cure Juliet before she found out how powerful she was.  She met an untimely death at the hands of Jack the Ripper.  Yes, that Jack the Ripper.  He came forward in time when the Captain experienced death before his mother bought him back.  He had been shot like seven times while the Family was in search of Adalyn's baby.  The Captain was killing prostitutes while Jack took over his body.  He kidnapped Wu and was about to do another dirty deed when Nick and Hank came to the Rescue.

Adalyn is carrying Nick's baby.  She created some sort of potion that allowed her to become Juliet for a tryst in Juliet's house.  Unbelievable.  She did it to get back at Nick because Nick's mother killed her mother and they also kidnapped her baby.  Juliet got Nick back for this slip up by sleeping with the Captain and also with one of the royal Family members.  I was so happy when Nick killed him.  They set his mother up and chopped off her head.  It was a gruesome episode.  Juliet also made the call to set up Nick's mother and recapture Adalyn's baby.  Low down dirty scoundrel!

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Trouble showed up just in the nick of time for the last two episodes.  Trouble is a female Grimm.  Nick and Juliet took her in for awhile before she went to Philly to save a man that was in trouble.  I also loved the fact that Monroe and Rosalie were so helpful this season.  They went through trying times when Monroe was kidnapped because a Council did not approve of their marriage.  They did a couple of the assailants in after Monroe almost met his maker.  Even though Nick gave the order to kill Juliet upon finding her, he couldn''t do it when his hands were wrapped around her neck.  She was about to kill him when Trouble ended this season's finale.  A double arrow through the heart still produced major tears in Nick.

I love this series.  It is my Friday night entertainment when I am not hanging at the Sugar House or chilling at Scotty's.  I hope this wasn't the end of the road for the series.  We had Christmas villains.  We had vesens who flamed on to start fires.  We also had vesens who froze people to death upon a touch.  It is a great release from real world trials and tribulations.  Happy Memorial Day everyone!!   

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