Game of Thrones Update: Cersei is getting what she deserves!!

Many of us celebrated when King Joffrey received his comeuppance at his wedding.  He was a sadistic, maniacal young man who loved inflicting pain on his subjects.  He also loved to torture women.  He killed Edard Stark and then made Sansa look at her father's head on a pole.  He was tormenting Tyrion even though Tyrion saved him in a major battle in the show.  His death was horrific and was set up by House Tyrell.  Littlefinger helped Sansa to escape into the hell that she is now in but I will address that later.

Cersei Lannister has been a pain in the neck for a few seasons now.  She was actively trying to persecute Tyrion for the suspected murder of Joffrey.  She had no proof other than the fact that Tyrion was standing close to Joffrey while he expired.  It was revealed later that Olenna Tyrell knew that he was abusive and did not want her granddaughter to be married to this monster.  Tyrion was on the run until the most recent episode.  Cersei had promised a reward to anyone who returned Tyrion dead or alive to satisfy her thirst for revenge.  A couple of dwarfs lost their heads as a result of this request.

Cersei had her intended Beau imprisoned this season because of his penchant for sleeping with boys.  When Tywin Lannister was living he did not care that Cersei objected to this proposed union.  The Lannister's were in debt to the Iron Bank and allies had to be made in order to strengthen their position. Subsequently, Prince Tommen ascended to the throne upon the death of his brother.  Margery was waiting patiently as the intended queen.  She was imprisoned this season by the Sparrows. They are a holier than thou group who seek righteousness and live a vow of poverty..  They destroyed a few of Littlefinger's brothels.  They locked up Margery because she lied about knowing that her brother was gay. His lover was made to testify as to their dalliance.  Cersei's secret is much deeper.

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Cersei was married to Robert Barratheon.  He was a decent guy who died after a hunting trip.  He had appointed Edard Stark as the Hand of the King.  Cersei was not having any of this.  None of Cersei's children were conceived by her husband.  Her daughter and two sons are products of an incestuous relationship with her brother.  In fact, one of the Stark children was paralyzed when he witnessed a tryst between Cersei and Jaime.  She was so into screwing her brother that she didn't notice the young man's wandering eye.  I think they would have killed him if he had not lost his memory in regards to the sighting. 

I loved the scene where Cersei was licking the floor trying to get water to satisfy her thirst.  She was so enjoying the episode where she tried to give Margery left over venison from her previous nights meal.  Margery threw it back at her and cursed her for having a hand in her current situation.  Cersei was so smug and self assured before she was imprisoned by the Sparrows.  She still has not confessed to her incestuous relationship.  I really don't care about that.  I just know that if you constantly abuse the power that you know longer really have that there should be consequences.  She is suffering as a result of her not so holy actions and I am enjoying it!! 

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