The Charleston Slayings were just so Wrong!!!

I just got finished viewing pictures of the body of former State Senator Clementa Pinckney lying in state in Columbia, South Carolina.  I was just awestruck by the look on the faces of his daughters.  It is a mixture of anger and sadness at having to bury their Dad for a senseless act committed by a racist young man who wanted to start a war among United States citizens.  I refuse to read the racist manifesto that was posted on his webpage.  He was a 9th grade dropout and probably didn't write whatever is on the page.  He was armed though and that was the difference in him achieving his immediate goal.

Reverend Pinckney was only 41 years old when his life was taken from him.  I want to mention the other victims but I need to maintain a focus on what I think was a local act of treason committed by Dylan Roof.  Cynthia Hurd, Susie Jackson, Reverend DePayne Doctor, Tywanza Sanders, Reverend Sharonda Singleton, Myra Thompson, Reverend Daniel Simmons and Ethel Lance comprised the victims.  These individuals will not be able to enjoy summer breezes anymore.  They will not be able to hug their families.  Daughters and sons will have to grow up with remaining memories as their only source of strength.  Also, their will be haunting memories of the pain that they suffered needlessly.  The fact that Reverend Pinckney was a U.S. Official is a major sticking point for me.

State Senator Pinckney had begun a process to have all police officers in South Carolina outfitted with body cameras.  He initiated this legislation after the tragic murder of Walter Scott by a North Charleston police officer.  He did not feel like the police should be the final arbiters of who survives an encounter with the men in blue.  Dylan Roof's arrest was so peaceful that one would have thought that he had just run a red light.  Tamir Rice was gunned down within minutes of police getting out of a car.  Dylan Roof went into Emmanuel AME Church and specifically asked for the Pastor.  He targeted the Church because it was important to African Americans and helped us to get through the crucible of racism and discrimination.

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I also feel terrible for Susie Jackson.  She was 87 years old.  Many of us would refer to her as a seasoned Saint.  She probably has read and re-read the Bible one hundred times.  She was there going over whatever lesson was planned for the faithful.  What kind of coward would should an elderly unarmed person?  Dylan Roof!  The bios of the other victims cannot fully tell the story of their lives and their impact on the lives of others.  The success that these individuals achieved in life was based on hard work and faith.  A sermon was preached at Emmanuel AME the Sunday after the slayings.  I don't know if I would have had the fortitude to preach a sermon after this unspeakable tragedy.

President Obama will eulogize State Senator Pinckney this week.  I am quite sure security will be tight.  I wonder how the other families will fare under the current glare and world attention paid to these heinous actions.  One South Carolina politician actually lamented the fact that these individuals let themselves be shot by a single gunman.  What is the matter with some people?  The whole process of taking down Confederate flags for a war that was lost does not play into my post today.  I am just so sad about the fact that these individuals died because of racial hatred that we are supposed to be moving past.  Mr. Roof does realize that we have become multi-racial and multi-cultural in a major way!  He wanted the KKK and any other racists to join him in the anticipated war.  I just wish the Families of the Victims healing and peace.  God Rest all of their Souls.   

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