Donald Trump; Why Are You So Mad?

The presidential aspirations of Donald Trump are backed by many Republicans who want to see a return to greatness for America.  I am perplexed about where these supporters feel that we are now.  Donald Trump did not have the heart or the ability to run against Barak Obama in any one of his previous successful campaigns.  It was funny when he was lambasted by the President at the White House press corps luncheon.  You could see the steam coming out of the Trumpster's ears.

It was recently reported that Mr. Trump and Dr. Ben Carson might boycott the next Republican debate on October 28th.  This decision is based on the length of the debate.  Well there are still 15 candidates to be the Republican nominee and most should have at least a few minutes to state their case to run our country.  Mr. Trump dominated the time of possession during the first two but Carly Fiorina is hot on his trail.

The one thing that perplexes me is the expression on Mr. Trumps face in most of his pictures.  It is a scowl that seems induced by intense anger.  The anger is what gets me.  Donald Trump arrives to most of his campaign appearances in his own private plane.  He even promised helicopter rides to children in Iowa.  On paper he indicates that he makes millions per year.  He is the epitome of success and whether his anger is directed at the sitting President or at America in general I think that it is misplaced.

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The richest 1% in America control enormous amounts of assets.  Those of us who are trying to survive by working nine to five and savings are what fuels the economy.  Mr. Trump at one time was a scion in the casino industry in Atlantic City.  He filed bankruptcy a few times when times got lean.  He might be totally divested of the industry but his name is still associated with a few casinos.  He had to disassociate himself from the Miss Universe and Apprentice parts of his empire because of pejorative comments against Mexicans.  His stance on immigration will be a make or break issue if he is elected President.  Building a wall between Mexico and the U.S. will be a sure shot solution to the number of illegals living in the country.  I say this in jest of course.

Mr. Trump has forewarned us that he will get out of the race if his poll numbers drop.  He is a definite front runner who reluctantly agreed not to run as an Independent if he is not the eventual nominee.  His poll numbers are slipping slightly.  He has taken on Fox and one of their lead female reporters.  He has disparaged Carly Fiorina's face and sparred with Rosie O'Donnell of all people.  He wears his baseball hats with the Return to Greatness slogan.  He said that we will win so much that we will tire of winning.  What American citizens are buying this promise of greatness?  Unforeseen events and natural disasters are part and parcel of leading any country.  Ask the citizens in South Carolina who are recovering from the storm of the century.  As the next few weeks unfold in this election cycle, just once, I would like to see Donald Trump being appreciative for the success that this country has allowed him to enjoy.  It is not that bad at the top. 

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