Philadelphia Eagles Showed Some Toughness Yesterday

It has been a trying off season and regular season for the Philadelphia Eagles.  I was pissed when they traded Shady McCoy and Nick Foles. Jeremy Maclin was allowed to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs for a few dollars more.  Evan Mathis was unceremoniously cut by Chip Kelly in a fit of frenzy.  We stumbled into the blocks with a 1 - 3 record before playing the New Orleans Saints yesterday.  With a loss, my football Sundays were going to turn into chess and checkers Sundays.

My pain was eased somewhat by a 39 - 10 victory over the Saints. In spite of two red zone interceptions by Sam Bradford we received productive outputs from DeMarco Murray and Ryan Matthews.  Brent Celek scored a touchdown and we finished with over 400 yards of offense.  The Redskins lost in overtime.  The Cowboys got pounded by the Patriots.  Nick Foles threw four INT's and the Kansas City Chiefs lost.  The Giants beat the 49ers on a last second TD and stand firmly in 1st place.  It makes the week so much better looking forward to a Monday night matchup against our NFC East rivals.

I long for the excitement of our Donovan McNabb led Eagles.  Although we never won a Super Bowl, the football parties and camaraderie were awesome during that time period.  We have seen Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick try to lead our team.  We went to the playoffs during the 1st year of Chip's tenure and suffered a painful playoff loss to the Saints.  We then obtained Darren Sproles for a 5th round pick and exacted revenge for the playoff loss yesterday.  Fletcher Cox had three sacks and the defense played a superior game.  We have never feared Eli Manning and I am ready for that challenge.  I hope the team is.

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The talk on 97.5 the Fanatic had been brutal last week.  Chip was vilified as an unreformed college coach.  His supposed arrogance and know it all attitude was going to be the death of many fans. Not literally, but die hard's like myself take our football seriously.  Out defense was being challenged by playing a disproportionate amount of snaps.  The smoothie fueled, rapid fire offense was not gaining enough 1st downs to sustain drives.  I was not looking forward to a rebuilding process as we still have a chance to stay in the playoff race.  Losses to the Redskins and the Cowboys hurt but we have been known to rebound against these teams.

Alonna and I settled in to watch the game yesterday.  It was a beautiful day for football.  Kevin Wallace attended the game.  I asked him to bring home the W on Facebook.  Rab Hamilton jumped off the band wagon for a half.   I was happy to get the results that we did.  Mike Vick will try to get a win for the Steelers tonight.  The Baltimore Ravens are reeling.  They gave up over 500 yards of offense to the Cleveland Browns.  We have the same record as the Seattle Seahawks who lost to the undefeated Bengals yesterday.  All is well with the Eagles this week in spite of a highly pessimistic article written by Marcus Hayes in the Daily News. I am on my way to a mayoral debate.  I have to mix in reality with my sports induced euphoria.   

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