Councilman Kenyatta Johnson: Thank You!!

After being reelected in november, the Councilman for the 2nd District is back at his gracious ways.  He is a true advocate for the Community and he gives back with the best of them.  Malayja and I had a great time at his Summer Festival.  With the onset of November weather, it seems so far ago.  I wish my Granddaughter would have met Silento!!  It was a little rainy that day but it didn't stop the good vibes on Point Breeze Avenue!!  The councilman has sponsored Job Fairs and Domestic Violence Awareness runs.  He is setting an amazing pace.

I was fortunate to be able to deliver Thanksgiving baskets to my Mom and to Ms. Shockley yesterday.  These baskets had all of the trimmings to make a meal on Thursday.  I know that the Councilman distributed them to Committee persons.  There were many other families who benefitted from his charity.  Along with State Representative Jordan Harris, I feel that we are represented by two kind and conscientious individuals.

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This was a tough election cycle for the Councilman.  He faced a challenge from a deep pocketed challenger.  He worked hard to keep his seat and I couldn't be more proud of the way that he represents our district with knowledge and respect.  There are still going to hurdles with regards to affordable housing issues but we have a true advocate for low and middle income residents.  Once again, thank you for your Kindness and Generosity.  Good Luck on your second term.

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