Happy Thanksgiving and Peace to All

I have been substitute teaching for a few weeks now.  I really miss the opportunity to work with pregnant mothers in New Jersey in an effort to reduce infant mortality.  I have a hearing on my discrimination case coming up and I hope for a positive resolution.  Meanwhile, I am very blessed to have the blood running warm in my veins.  I think about where I could be and I thank the Lord for my blessings.

I was thinking about Henry C. Keith recently.  We lost my Father in Law this year and I will miss the gatherings we used to have at his house.  I was asked to give a few remarks at his Funeral service.  I spoke about the dedication that Michael, Mona and Shawn had towards his needs at the end of his long life.  I used to stay with him after Aunt Joann passed.  He loved a McDonald's Sausage and Egg biscuit in the morning.  He also loved when his family gathered in his room at the Palmer House to celebrate his birthday in late November.  His Family cookouts were the stuff of legends.  Rest in Peace Father in Law.

I had an assignment this week at Delaware Valley Charter High School.  I had just finished teaching sixth grade at Memphis Charter Academy.  I got a chance to read a Time magazine article yesterday about the trials of the families of the nine people killed in Charleston, SC in June by avowed racist Dylan Roof.  Many of the remaining family members have expressed a willingness to forgive this young man.  He wanted to start a race war in this country.  Fortunately, he did not get his wish.  I am still saddened by the fact that he killed an 87 year old woman and a woman who was licensed to preach the gospel on that fateful night.  It will be a rough Thanksgiving for these families.

I feel that the real race war is being waged by white police officers on young African American males.  Video was released recently of a 17 year old who was shot 16 times by a police office in Chicago last year.  The police tried hard to justify why a knife wielding young man who was high on drugs should suffer such a grisly fate.  There are also protests going on now in Minneapolis in support of another young man who was slain while in police custody.  I wonder what happens during police training when officers should understand the concept of non-lethal force.  In Cincinnati, the family of  Samuel Dubose will have to celebrate without him also.  He was murdered by Officer Ray Tensing for not having a proper license plate. Unbelievable.

On a positive note, my brother Joseph will celebrate his first Thanksgiving at home in 27 years.  I think that he has adjusted well to a new life at home with my Mom.  He is getting used to the computer world and changes in the neighborhood.  We have an excellent diversity in Point Breeze right now.  My neighbors across the street welcomed a new addition recently.  Mom Bell is still very active in the community.  Julius is working.  I talked to Brian recently.  I missed Jasmine and Lynne when they visited last week.  I am looking forward to a fabulous meal tomorrow with Family.

I was looking forward to the Eagles playing the Lions on turkey day.  We ripped the Cowboys a new one on Thanksgiving last year.  It all went downhill after that.  Chip Kelly has not been the Innovator that we all thought that he was.  I will welcome Uncle Paul, aunt Connie, Trevor, Gerry, Paige and anyone else who blesses my house with their presence.  K-Wall and Reggie are a given.  I love you Shawn!!  I will miss Kia and her Family.  Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!

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