Governor Christie endorsing Donald Trump: Out of the Ordinary!

Governor Chris Christie dropped out of the Republican presidential primary race after a disappointing finish in New Hampshire.  He had been relegated to the junior varsity debate team during the numerous debates before his announcement.  It is a shocking move because the other two viable candidates in the race, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, at least have political experience.  Donald Trump has been one sound bite after another and none of them add up to a relevant policy approach to running the United States.

I woke up this morning to a headline that Mr. Trump wants to be able to lift libel laws to sue any newspaper or publication that runs and article that is not to someone's liking.  The information could be factual but the Donald will want money anyway to keep his win, win, win image up for his legions of followers.  He is mad at the New York Times because they said that his fortune might not be as great as he states that it is.  Also, there is some question of his influence in New York.  I can imagine our President being involved in litigation every time he is portrayed unfavorably in the press. 

I feel that both Governor Christie and Donald Trump have been bad for Atlantic City.  Governor Christie invested almost $300 million of state pension money into the Revel.  It was supposed to be a high end casino that would attract families that might not be interested in gambling to this struggling resort town.  The Revel, after a BeyoncĂ© fueled opening, barely stayed open a year.  A buyer was ready on paper to purchase it out of bankruptcy proceedings but this deal never happened.  The Trump Taj Mahal was on the news this morning also.  It seems like the last ten percent of the ownership of the Trump Corporation was purchased by the Icahn group.  Donald Trump fails to mention that he has filed for bankruptcy four times.  If this wasn't fact checked on Wikipedia, I would probably get a call from his legal team also.

Maybe Governor Christie is angling for a position on the Trump Team.  Super Tuesday is coming up on March 1st and the nomination could be wrapped up by then.  I am hoping that Ted Cruz could hold Texas.  It is his home state by the way.  Senator Marco Rubio is from Florida and is supposedly appealing to younger voters.  Hopefully, he can carry some of the Hispanic vote that should be thoroughly pissed off with Mr. Trump based n his caustic comments about Mexicans.  Governor Christie probably got a few points from the Trump campaign for forcefully attacking Senator Rubio in the last debate that he participated in.

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Donald Trump had been hinting at hiring someone political if he should win the Republican nomination.  I wonder if he meant someone like Governor Christie.  I still think Governor Christie was responsible for the Bridge Gate controversy.  His persona is the same as Donald Trump's.  They both feel as though people will shrink when they puff their chests out and roar. The mantra is 'make America great again around the world.'  I am searching the news cycle for updates on when we feel off the cliff.  ISIS has not been defeated but they are causing major suffering in Syria, Iraq and Iran.  We downsized our troop presence in Afghanistan and are pretty much in a good place.  North Korea is going to be a problem for anyone sitting in the Presidential seat.

The Christie endorsement probably precedes a number of other political endorsements for the train ride that is Donald Trump's campaign.  Ronald Reagan was an actor that rose to become President.  Donald Trump is a litigious businessman who has recently mentioned Muslims being shot by bullets dipped in the blood of pigs.  I know it sounds unbelievable but a reader can Google this also.  He wants to punch people in the face who disrupt his speeches.  I just wonder if Governor Christie really agrees with these statements or if he wants a job that badly. 

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