The Racial Analysis of Cam Newton: Quixotic

Super Bowl 50 is fast approaching.  I can imagine the excitement in the respective cities.  Denver fans might be used to the gala.  The Broncos have been to the Super Bowl six times and won twice.  This is the second trip for the Carolina Panthers who have lost once in their previous trip.  The Eagles lost to the Panthers in the NFC Championship game during our run of playoff victories under Andy Reid and Donovan.  I kept my radio glued to WIP and the Fanatic during these runs.  I barely listen to sports talk radio now.  My brother Julius is planning a Super Bowl party.  It will be a low profile day for me.  We used to have serious parties when my team was hot.  At least the Patriots are not going back to the big game.

Much of the talk this week was around Cam Newton and his celebratory antics.  The Dab has become a national phenomenon.  It hasn't approached the level of the Whip Nae Nae but most of the students I work with know how to complete it.  It is a simple move where Cam points his elbow out and pulls his arm to his head.  Some people also lift their leg up for emphasis.  Also, Cam has become known for giving footballs to children in the lower levels at games after scoring TD's.  He has put together one of the greatest seasons that a quarterback has had in NFL history.  He threw for 35 TD's and ran for another 10.  He is a one man wrecking crew on the field.

I was puzzled by the comments of former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher leading up the the Super Bowl.  He is a little miffed by the celebrations of Cam after Panthers' scores.  He wishes that Cam could be more like Peyton Manning and less like himself.  WTH?  There was a concerned mother who wrote a letter to the Panthers team when she became concerned about Cam's antics in the end zone.  Code Word: Why does he have to act so black?  I guess she needs to see a more demure player.  All of us realize that this game is making invalids of many former players.  The movie Concussion, starring Will Smith, shows the danger that this game presents even on simple plays.  Shortened kickoffs did nothing to lessen the number of concussions experienced by players in the 2015 season.

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I was shocked this week because observers were abuzz by Cam's fashion choice heading to California for the game.  He had on zebra patterned pants that some might feel were over the top.  Once again, why comment on something that had nothing to do with the talent that this man displays on the field?  I wish Donovan McNabb would have worn something crazy and not thrown 3 interceptions in our trip to the Super Bowl.  Many of the other African American QB's that play the game would love an opportunity to lead a team with an awesome defense to the biggest football game in the U.S.  Mike Vick, Colin Kaepernick, Teddy Bridgewater, Geno Smith and Vince Young would begin to do the happy dance also if they could put together seasons like this young man just had.

I was totally impressed by Cam Newton's father yesterday on ESPN.  He recounted how Cam almost lost his life in a car accident in December 2014.  He suffered two back fractures and was lucky to be able to do what he does now.  The unbridled joy that he exhibits on the field is also a thankfulness for his life.  Cam indicated that he is an African American QB that scares people because they don't know what he can do.  I just want to mention Randall Cunningham as I finish my post.  He was the original secret weapon who stoked fear in opposing teams.  I once saw him kick a 90 yard punt.  As the game approaches, I wish all players good health and no injuries.  I also hope that Cam will be judged more on his talent and less on his ebullient attitude and race.  Good Luck to all.

My Prediction, even though no one asked, will be the Panthers in a tightly contested defensive game!!

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