I met Carmen Crews-Hart: The Author

I had a pretty good week last week.  I was excited about starting a new job at Children's Choice.  I received all of my clearances and even though I didn't work for three days, I was pretty content.  I also had my Granddaughter Malayja over for a week.  I always try to plan activities for her during the week and weekend.  Shawn and I took her with us for Easter shopping.  We went to the park and got cut short by an auto emergency.  One of the highlights of the week was going to be a trip to the Convention Center to visit the Black History Expo.

It was a pretty cool day in downtown Philly.  My little baby was suffering from a runny nose and slight coughs.  We were not to be deterred though.  After a pit stop at Zio's Pizza, we were on our way.  I was headed up to the second floor to follow the flow of the crowd.  The second floor actually featured a regional volleyball championship.  So I made a hard left and was impressed by the sights and sounds of Black History.  There were exhibitors and life size cut outs of Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X to name a few.

I was working my way through the crowd when I noticed a familiar face at a table.  It was Carmen Crews-Hart.  Carmen and my wife Shawn go back to nursery school days together.  Carmen graduated from Morgan State University.  She was a bridesmaid in our wedding.  She has a diverse professional background.  I know that at one time she did public relations work for Patti LaBelle.  I see now that she has entered into the realm of published authors. 

Carmen's book is entitled "Life is... Lyrical Expressions on Love, Faith, Strength & Pain.  It is a collection of poems and reflections that exemplify her positive outlook on life.  She writes about her Mom and her Nephew.  She writes about Love, Jazz and Life.  Here is an excerpt:

Before the sun comes up, I pray.
Perfect peace, obedience, righteousness and humility.
God Made me this way.
Before the sun comes up, I rise!

Mist of Happiness starts the book off and it gets better from there.  I am proud of Carmen and her accomplishment.  She is also published in another book that she was selling that day.  "The Women's Book of Empowerment & Confidence" is another must have for individuals struggling to keep afloat in these challenging times.  There was a suicide bomber who targeted Christians in Pakistan on Easter Sunday.  What else can we hold onto but faith in situations like this?  God Bless the 65 souls that lost their lives in that tragic event.  Carmen and Shawn are proud graduates of Chester High School also.

I was impressed with the other vendors at the Black History expo.  I saw Tuskegee Airmen.  I watched a horrible short film on slavery and breeding of strong males.  I bought a baseball card from Cuban and Negro League Player Pedro Sierra.  I met Joe Ragsdale who has a museum in Philly.  My friend Tahira is a story teller and I will be sure to look her up in the near future.  I also bought a button from a vendor who represented the Afro-German Society. 

On April 4th, I will be sure to open the book to read a quotation from Carmen:

If you have integrity, then you have sincerity, authenticity, honesty and conviction.
Integrity is your moral compass in life, steering you in the right direction!

Congratulations again Carmen Crews-Hart.  Keep on reaching for the stars!  For more information about her book, visit her website at www.prestigeintl.vpweb.com.  Or e-mail her at prestige319@yahoo.com. 

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