Ted Cruz wins Texas: Outstanding!!

I am not a Republican.  I am an avowed Democrat who wants to see a competitive race in the April primary.  Many states have had their caucuses already.  Governor Christie, Jeb Bush and Ben Carson have already thrown in the white flag in surrender.  Marco Rubio won at least two states on Super Tuesday. The Trump machine is rolling but I would like to see some competition from Senator Ted Cruz.  He is probably most famous for shutting down the government in an offensive against the Affordable Health Care Act.  He has not made a dent in the race to the White House but I want him to do better.

Last night was another Republican debate.  I had spent time earlier in the evening at a Black Voters Matter workshop.  It involved the 2nd Congressional District and to me was won by Dwight Evans.  I woke up this morning to a firestorm of criticism about the tone of the debate last night.  Donald Trump is being reviled for referring to the purported size of his penis.  Marco Rubio was critical of his suits being made overseas.  Trump is currently waffling on most of his major policy stances.  Let's get back to Ted Cruz.

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I think he has the most political experience on the Republican side.  He is Hispanic and should be able to pull a majority of the Hispanic vote.  Donald Trump has maligned most of the Hispanic vote with his constant criticism of Mexicans and his willingness to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.  Ted Cruz is one of three senators of Cuban descent.  Donald Trump has threatened to sue him for being born in Canada but what else is new about the threat of a lawsuit from The Donald.  Ted Cruz claims to be the only true conservative running for office in the primary.  This should help him with the evangelical vote that he desperately covets.

There is a major set of infighting going on now in the Republican party.  Mitt Romney has come out hard against Donald Trump.  Senator John McCain has joined the bandwagon and the two candidates who should benefit from these attacks are Marco Rubio and Cruz.  Many people are completely galvanized against a candidate who spews hate and vitriol on a regular basis.  People are questioning the validity of his Trump University at this time. Megyn Kelly led the charge based on this entity's downgraded ratings.

One of the issues that is going to make or break Senator Cruz is immigration.  He lives in a state where the borders have been somewhat porous for years.  It is a shame about the wave of children that were sent here without parents.  Many perished in the perilous journey towards the United States.
Cruz has waffled on the idea of permanent citizenship for illegal aliens.  He did favor a pathway to citizenship at one time but changes course with the season.  Senator Cruz still wants to repeal the Affordable Housing Act passed during the Obama Administration.  He is on the side of not hearing from any Supreme Court candidate recommended by the POTUS.  I like Senator Cruz because I know where he stands.  I wish him more success going forward as he will be a formidable foe if he wins the Republican nomination.

P.S. Ted Cruz appointed Carly Fiorina as his running mate a week before the Indiana primary.  He got crushed in the Indiana primary and suspended his campaign the next day.  I had never seen a candidate who was not the nominee appoint a VP.  I wish him well as he tries to mend fences with his Republican colleagues.  5/9/16

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