Hurricane Hermine Spared Us!!

Hurricane Hermine will not go down as one of the major hurricanes to have affected the United States in the last few years.  It did affect vacation plans for millions of Americans along the east coast though.  My Family and I had planned to spend some time on the beach in Atlantic City soaking up some rays and barbecuing.  We found a place on Maine and New Hampshire that is the closest thing to a private beach that you will find.  The weather has been spectacular in Philadelphia.  I enjoyed a block party on Manton Street yesterday and today was a perfect day to watch Power and a few episodes of Bond.  I watched Bridge of Spies and was impressed by Tom Hanks in his role as a hostage negotiator.

Hurricane Hermine started out as a Tropical Storm.  It revved up some spectacular waves and caused at least three deaths.  Thankfully, once it got up to New Jersey and New York, it veered west instead of east.  Many merchants bemoaned the fact that Governor Christie had declared a state of emergency in advance of the storm actually hitting the shore.  Brigantine Beach looked rough.  Some brave souls, in spite of the warnings of strong rip tides, actually got in the water.  Hermine followed Alex, Bonnie, Colin, Danielle, Earl, Fiona and Gaston as named storms to hit our country.  Ian will follow and hopefully will not be a beast.

The storm that did not receive a name hit Louisiana hard in August.  It was reported on WunderBlog@ that all ten river gauges of the Arnite, Tickfaw and Comite Rivers were bought to record flood crests.  Thousands of homes were flooded and the images of people boating on what otherwise were residential streets were agonizing.   This storm formed in Alabama on August 11th and wreaked havoc worse than Hurricane Katrina in terms of lasting impact.  This storm caused at least 13 deaths and overwhelmed the state with floodwater.  Growing up I dreamed that I could swim to safety in any situation.  I forgot about alligators, snakes and live electrical wires impeding on my heroics.  Sewage and other debris were not even an afterthought in my childish imagination.

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If it had actually remained a Hurricane, Hermine would have been the first named hurricane to hit Florida since Wilma in 2005.  Hurricane Wilma was the most intense tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Atlantic basin and was the most intense tropical cyclone recorded in the western hemisphere until Hurricane Patricia in 2015.  Rita and Katrina also occurred in 2005.  Katrina will forever be singed in my meory because of the desperation which was experienced by the people in New Orleans and other parishes.  People dying on the sidewalk and suffering in the Super Dome.  It took awhile for the area to recover and President Bush was castigated for a seemingly slow response to the tragedy.  The final death toll for Hurricane Katrina was 1836 people.  More than half of these victims were senior citizens.  What a terrible way to go in your golden years.  Rising water, darkness, fear and no one to rescue you.

Tropical Storm Hemine came and went during the Labor Day weekend.  Many of us cried about dashed beach plans.  Some people still ventured out into boardwalks along the beach areas on the east coast.  I do feel sorry for the merchants who count this weekend along with July 4th and Memorial Day as major income producers.  Next week is supposed to be hot and some people could have pent up energy to expend along with the funds to spend.  Thank goodness for the lives that were spared.  I am extremely sorry for the lives lost.  Global warming has either helped us during hurricane season or lulled us to sleep.  As we count the days towards the end of summer, I look forward to cool fall weather and football.  Thank you Hermine and the weather gods for less than expected damage.  Beach erosion might be a problem but I did not hear much about that as I write.  Peace to all.

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