The Portrait Donald Trump is Painting is Not Reality!!

As a political observer I realize that any candidate for political office must espouse viewpoints that will help them to get elected.  When I ran for City Commissioner back in 2011, I advocated for a mobile voting machine and updated voting lists.  Even without the money and the backing of the Democratic Party, I was able to garner over 30,000 votes.  My team got on street corners and grinded.  According to his own proclamations, Donald Trump is super rich.  According to his running mate, Mike Pence, he has donated millions of dollars to charity.  The problem is, he won't submit his tax returns to validate anything that he says.  It is a fact that he has not personally contributed to the Donald Trump Foundation since 2008.  Other than that, his statements are pure conjecture.

Recently, Donald Trump came to the realization that he was going to need African American voters to win the Presidency.  Initially, most of his proclamations about the dire straits of the Black community were made to all white audiences.  He came to Philly recently but he spoke to a closed audience of pastors and the content of his speech were caught in sound bites.  He said "Philly is much worse now than it was when he was here".  He also painted our community as being so bad off that we wouldn't lose anything else by supporting him.  I realize that the community that I grew up in was low to middle income.  I used to have to pick up kaiser rolls from the Nuns on Broad Street to help my Family.  Michael's Cleaner's provided more than one of my coats.  That was in the 70's.
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The United States is presently a microcosm of the World.  It is hard for me to think that there is truly a black or white solution to the problems.  The problem of wealth inequality will not be solved by a Presidential candidate.
LeBron James donated almost $40 million of his own money to help children in Ohio go to College and try to succeed in this game called life.  We have institutions like Meharry Medical College and Howard University Medical School that are producing our next wave of professionals.  We have thriving communities in Silver Spring, MD, Los Angeles and Mount Airy that are a testament to hard work and longevity.  I mistakenly thought that I grew up in the ghetto.  Some people call what is happening in my area now gentrification.  I call it understanding a stable place to raise young children.  Go Point Breeze.

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The stratification in our society causes people to form their own groups in many situations.  The Irish-American, Polish American or Italian-American societies all promote the survival of the culture that brought them to this country.  Many immigrants came to escape economic, religious or social oppression.  All sought a better life.  Many African Americans were bought to this country unwillingly.  Recent African, Dominican and Caribbean immigrants have read about our struggles but dealt with problems of their own in their respective countries.  I hope that they have registered to vote once they became American citizens.  Illegal immigrants cannot vote but they have a stake in the future of our country.  No one can deport 11 million people without consequences.  Who will clean toilets and pick mushrooms?  Anti-immigration activists in Alabama are now paying the price for hard line deportation tactics.
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Donald Trump has stoked my interest with his repeated proclamations that the African American community is worse off now than it has ever been.  He obviously didn't read about the years that we were enslaved in this country.  I visited a plantation that my family worked on in Ridgeway, South Carolina.  I have read numerous Civil War novels in which the end for many people of color was the bayonet or the noose.  Separate facilities for whites and blacks did not end with Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on the bus.  The economic gap was so wide by then that federal entitlement legislation only helps to decrease the economic gap.

Donald Trump refuses to talk about gun control.  It is a major issue in low income communities.  Citizens in Chicago are being gunned down at a rapid rate.  Philly and New York have not been spared the relentless bloodshed.  Mr. Trump does not want access to guns impeded by more thorough background checks though.  Unwittingly, he is saying, let them continue to kill themselves.  The parents of those children slain in Sandy Hook would beg to differ.  Someone murdered innocent people in a Macy's in Washington state last night.  I was in Macy's in Philly shopping for my Granddaughter.  No one knows the time or place in the gun happy U.S.  In closing, the African American community cannot be singled out as doing as poorly as Mr. Trump indicates.  We voted in record numbers for President Obama.  We need to be judged within the fabric of our present society as Americans.  We fought, died and give everything we have to ensure that we are one of the greatest nations in the world. 

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