Thomas O'Grady, AKA Soupy, Rest in Peace

I was cleaning up in front of my house on Valentine's Day when I received the terrible news.  Soupy had been found dead in his bed.  I grew up with Soupy and didn't start calling him Thomas until I found out his real name when I was trying to help him find a job.  He was able to obtain employment at the Wine & Spirit stores in Pennsylvania and he was doing well.  He suffered a back injury and had been on disability for the last few years.  He traveled back and forth to West Virginia and was talking about moving down south,

I last saw Thomas in July of 2016.  We were at Dennis' block party and he was going into a house across the street.  He did not stop to speak as he seemed to have something on his mind.  I used to see him on a regular basis when he lived with Jackie Mays.  He had transformed the third floor into a palace.  He had a kitchen, flat screen television, bathroom and couch.  He was living large.  One of my other great memories was when he fried fish and onion rings at Jackie's for Gram and Cheese's birthday.  I did not know that he possessed the culinary skills like that.  He also chilled with me in July 2015 for my birthday.  We drank beer and reminisced.  It was always real when we got a chance to catch up.

'"Doing what we do" Facebook Family and Friends y'all had been with me doing my greatest joy. Now I ask to be there for saddest pain. Valentine's Day the world normally celebrate a day for "Lover". Not knocking what you feel or believe. My morning was good. Expressing my love to @[100011073464189:2048:Rita Roberts]. Thank her for being who she is to me. Great. Then received a phone call that brought tears to my eyes. That GOD love us so much that he allowed us to have Thomas 'SOUPY' O'Grady for the years that we all had share as well have him enter our heart. GOD call him to be with him. The memories that we share we can only cherish. The love that was shown we can hold dear to our heart. His smile, his husky voice will always be remembered. So Families my heart hurt as well as heavy. Please be with the O'Grady Family in there time of need. Thank you. 'SOUP MY BROTHER/HOMIE I WILL ALWAYS CHERISH OUR RELATIONSHIP. REST IN PEACE.'

I know Thomas was married at one time.  I don't think that he was with his wife when he passed away.  He was in his early fifties like myself.  I fight hard to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.  Sometimes it is difficult when you are raised in a certain culture to rise above some of the temptations that affect us all.  I got a chance to look through photo albums at Jackie's on Sunday.  Thomas' home going services will be on Saturday in North Philadelphia.  Rest in Peace my Friend.  I will see you on the other side. 

P.S. On a beautiful Saturday morning, Thomas had a Home going service that was worthy of a dignitary.  South Philly was well represented.  Your Family was thick.  Your Granddaughter spoke glowingly of your barbecue skills.  God Bless You Brother and you lived a great life.

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