Milo Yiannopoulos: Really!!

This young man just made news for suggesting that sexual relations between grown men and boys can be liberating for the boys.  He was referring to boys as young as thirteen.  Maybe he did not realize that one cannot legally consent to sex at this age.  He is from England.  Maybe he did not realize that this is called rape in the United States.  He cannot comprehend the agony caused by Catholic priests who couldn't keep their hands to themselves and abused thousands of young boys.  Also, he could have researched the story of Jerry Sandusky of Second Mile fame.  This man is serving a jail sentence now due to his affinity for taking boys home and having his way with them.  Sickening.

Milo was a former editor for Breitbart News.  This is a far right American news and commentary website.  It was originally founded as a website by Andrew Breitbart that was pro-Israel and pro-freedom.  I wonder what their opinions are now with the sudden surge of anti-Semitic attacks that are occurring across the country.  It took President Trump weeks to respond to these attacks.  When the University of California at Berkley students burned buildings on campus in protest of Milo's impending speech, the President threatened to rescind their public funding.  That response was pretty quick.  The message seemed to be: Protect Milo's right to give hate speech a platform.  The administrations recent decision to weaken LGBT protections seems to go hand in hand with the increase in hate speech.

Breitbart was also the organization that Steve Bannon was part of before joining the White House team.  It was the basis for the term Alt-right.  Alt-right describes a movement based on white nationalism and promotes racism, white supremacism and neo-Nazism.  The term was coined by Richard Spencer in 2010.  The election of Donald Trump, who was supported by this group, gave them a sense of pride for picking the right candidate in the race.  We are a country of immigrants.  Some of us were allowed in due to terrible circumstances in their country of origin.  The Italians were in search of better opportunities.  The Irish came to escape famine in their country.  Cubans fought to escape poverty and the rule of President Castro.  Native Americans must watch as their land was taken by force.  The Hispanic population, diverse at it is, came voluntarily in many ways.  Our present dance with the Mexican population will go on.  We took Texas and now want to keep them out.,  Many Africans were bought here in chains and died building the foundation for this super power.

Milo Yiannopoulos is not afraid to admit that he is gay.  He does not want gay men flaunting their sexuality though.  He prefers that they stay in the closet.  He was banned from Twitter for mounting an attack on African American comedian Leslie Jones.  The Conservative Political Action Conference was going to feature him as a speaker until his comments about having sex with boys were published.  He lost a book deal and resigned from Breitbart News.  Talk about having a bad day.  My concern is based on how his views were accepted by these protectors or their slice of the American way.  It was a fellow conservative website, the Reagan Battalion, that retweeted criticism of CPAC's decision to feature Milo as a guest speaker.  Some people do realize that pedophilia is wrong and should not be promoted as some type of liberation movement.

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Milo referred to Donald Trump as his daddy.  Maybe that is why the POTUS was so quick to defend his right to speak at Berkley and threaten funding.  The picture painted by the alt-right is of a society that is increasingly becoming brown and yellow with less space for  the pure white race.  Welfare and affordable health care will be a thing of the past.  Ask sitting Republicans who are being skewered at town halls throughout the country if they understand what it is like to live without insurance.  I hope for a society in which racism can be a thing of the past.  People in coal country and other areas in which economic prosperity left them behind, hope for the thousands of jobs that Donald Trump promised them.  As Milo has been exposed for having a twisted and perverse sense of reality, who will be the next face of the alt-rght movement?  Next up please.

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