100 Days In the Reign of Trump: Frenetic Falsehoods Abound

President Trump celebrated 100 days in office yesterday in Harrisburg, PA.  The Commonwealth of PA was key to his victory in the 2016 Presidential election.  He deserved to bask in the glow of his flurry of Executive Orders and measly legislative achievements.  He has signed over 30 Executive Orders.  He was able to get Neil Gorsuch confirmed as a Supreme Court justice after the nuclear option was utilized by the Republican controlled Senate to lower the threshold for a Justice to be nominated to 51 votes from the former 60.  After Gorsuch, it has been mostly tough going for the President.

He has falsely claimed that massive voter fraud kept him from winning the popular vote against Hillary Clinton.  He also falsely claimed that he actually had the largest electoral college margin in recent history. In fact, Donald Trump lost the popular vote in November's presidential election by a larger margin than any other president in U.S. history.  Imagine that.  He also falsely claimed that his inaugural crowd was the largest in history.  Statistics and pictures prove otherwise.  Why must we be subjected to so many untruths in such a short amount of time?  I really do not have an answer for this.

The Trump administration is struggling under the weight of a dual investigation by the House and Senate into its relationship with Russia leading up to the election.  Michael Flynn, President Trump's former National Security Advisor, was found to have accepted cash both from Russia and Turkey.  He forgot to put these payments on his application for a top rated security clearance.  He also forgot to mention to President Trump that he had spoken about sanctions imposed by the Obama administration with a Russian ambassador.  Michael Flynn was actually a Democrat who was forced out of the Obama administration because of his abrasive management style.  He must have been convincing in his hate for ISIS so much that the Trump administration just accepted whatever he told them about his life after separating from government.  President Trump falsely blamed the Obama administration for hiring Flynn to one of the most important positions in U.S. government.  He resigned after 23 days.

There was a march yesterday by individuals interested in protecting the environment against the increasing warmth of our environment.  President Trump, and the Republican controlled legislature, nominated Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency.  This man sees no association between fossil fuels and the destruction of the environment.  It was billed as the People's Climate March.  Everything that the Obama administration has done to help save the environment has been attacked by the Trump administration.  Measures to save streams from factory runoffs - slashed.  Measures to save national parks and land from development - slashed.  Measure to increase MPG for gasoline - slashed.  The evidence of rising seas and the effects on coastal communities - ignored.  Being pro-business and anti-environment do not have to go hand in hand.  That is unless there is a secret plan for the wealthy to breathe different air than we do.
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The repeal of the Affordable Care Act has not occurred.  This was falsely claimed by the Trump administration and the Republicans as a priority.  Tax reform was a one page statement about what lowering the corporate tax rate would do for job creation.  With the large number of billionaires in his cabinet, the biggest focus seems to be paying less in taxes.  There is no real inventive to address economic inequality in out country.  The Justice Department wants to bring back the war on drugs.  The real American carnage occurred when mandatory minimum sentences left many low level drug dealers languishing in jails for years.  President Obama pardoned many of these individuals.
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China is now NOT a currency manipulator.  They awarded Ivanka Trump a number of patents just to prove that point.  NATO is NOT obsolete.  NAFTA is NOT the worst trade deal ever.  The Wall between Mexico and the U.S. will NOT be paid for by Mexico.  President Obama did NOT order the wire tapping of Trump Towers in the days leading up to the election.  Media reporting on facts about politics and the administration are NOT fake news.  It would be too difficult to make most of these frightening statements and ridiculous posturing up.  The New York Times is NOT a failing publication.  I look forward to the next 100 days.  

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