In Search of Jesus Created Many Questions

I had some hesitancy when it came to watchin 'In Search of Jesus' on CNN.  Sometimes, historical dramas leave out the true representation of the participants of the actual stories being portrayed.  One of my all time favorite Easter movies, the Ten Commandments, had very few people of color that played important roles.  Even Yul Brynner, who played Pharoah, was really a Russian born actor.  Charlton Heston, who portrayed Moses, was an American born actor who was playing a sun burnt Israeli slave. 

It is important for me to understand that the Passover which occurred when the Angel of Death spared the Israelites who placed the Blood of the Lamb over their doorways was a direct foreshadowing of the Life and Death of Jesus Christ.  As we have just finished the Easter Weekend, according to Biblical tradition, Jesus still appeared intermittently to his follower for forty days before ascending permanently into heaven.  We as Christians await his triumphant return one day.  We just have to navigate this labyrinth called life and its danger for Christians in many countries.

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The part of the series that got my attention was Jesus' relationship with Mary Madgalene.  In the DaVinci Code, it was hinted at that Mary might have been the wife of Jesus.  Much of the research points to the fact that Mary shared a special place in Jesus heart.  She stayed with him through his brutal crucifixion.  She was going to prepare his body for burial when it was discovered that Jesus was no longer in the Tomb.  His Resurrection is one of the central tenets of the Christian faith.  I wonder if believers are open to a discussion about the life of Jesus during his brief ministry.

The mode of travel back then was by foot, camel or mule.  A lot of time was spent in small villages and spreading the word of God as it would be written by biblical scholars.  The Gospel of Mark mentions that Jesus had several brothers.  These included James, Joseph, Judas and Simon.  It has been hinted that Jesus was conceived via immaculate conception.  So did Mary not have relations with her husband to create her other children?  Could Jesus also have been the result of human relations?  Subsequently, Jesus has human descendants today via his family.  Would it be blasphemy to consider that Jesus was married to Mary Madgalene?  It was stated that she was wealthy and supported Jesus financially.

I did not realize that Mary was the daughter of Lazarus.  Lazarus was one of the people that Jesus raised from the dead.  There had to be some sort of relationship that existed for Jesus to perform this type of miracle.  I am in the process of joining a Men's Bible study group.  I have been Catholic and Baptist for many years.  I am looking forward to eternal salvation because I have confessed my sins and look to reunite with Jesus Christ in heaven.  I just wonder how the discussions will go if a questioning approach to the books of the Bible is taken.

A google search lists the missing Books of the Bible as: Book of Jasher, Book of Nathan, Book of Shemaiah, Book of Jehu, the Book of Enoch, an Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians, the Prophecy of Ahijah, the Book of Thomas, the Book of Mary and the Book of Judas.  We all know that the people who write history and have it recorded are often those in power at the time.  The Books of the New Testament was purported to be completed sometime by 70 AD in the Greek language.  I can imagine the danger of trying to record the first hand encounters and words of Jesus when persecution and death could have resulted.  The Roman Empire and its gods were ascendant at the time.

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I am still an old school King James fan.  The New International Version dilutes text that shouldn't be further broken down in my opinion.  I just found out about the Apostolic Fathers in my research.  These were Christian theologians who are believed to have personally known some of the Twelve Apostles.  Their writings were not included in the final version of the New Testament.  How is it that these gentlemen conversed with Apostles and their words were redacted?  The current version of the Bible is the result of many power struggles throughout the years.  They authored books like the Epistle of Clement and the Book of Judith.  I will report back on other developments.  The breadth of the information is mind boggling.

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