Appreciating the Holidays

As I approach the 2011 Holiday season, I am content with the fact that I won't have the resources to buy gifts for everyone in my close circle.  I have already informed my wife that we won't be charging anything.  We will have a Christmas Eve get together and enjoy the valued friends and family that make up our foundation.  Otherwise, we will try to make the children appreciate the season.  Our children are 18 and 22 and experienced some of the best that Christmas has to offer.  We would wait for them to go to sleep and we would wrap gifts until the wee hours of the morning.  Now, we share pictures and ideas along with our enjoyment of get togethers.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Family, food and friends all day.  Shout out to Kevin Wallace and the Wallace Family.  The holidays wouldn't be the same without them..  Also, to my sisters Kia and Leah.  Love U both forever.  The weather is beautiful today and in spite of the economic difficulties facing many of us, I am appreciating life and the challenges of living it fully.  The holidays are celebrated many ways around the world.  I read that in Russia, many people have waited in line to glimpse a belt that the Virgin Mary wore.  It is supposed to help with fertility issues.  Whatever the beliefs of the faithful, I hope that they can be realized.  Happy Holidays to all.

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