The Firing of Joe Paterno

The winningest Division 1 football coach in history was shown the door this week.  It is ironic that he recently passed Eddie Robinson of Grambling the week before the bye week.  It wan't anything that Joe Paterno did.  It was what we didn't do.  At least 8 boys were abused, allegedly, by then defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, during Joe Pa's tenure.  In one instance, he was told about an encounter on Penn State property that should have led to an immediate arrest. 

Instead, the person was supposedly banned from campus and life went on.  I think Joe Pa was blinded by his sungular goal of becoming the winningest coach in division 1 history.  He touted the fact that Penn State was never sanctioned by the NCAA.  I have been to at least two games in Happy Valley.  I was there when he won his 400th game.  What a sight it was.  One hundred five thousand people in a stadium to wintess history.  It is a shame that the abused boys could not enjoy this scene without thinking about the horror that they endured at the hands of someone who was meorialized on a mural on campus.  Mr. Sandusky was subsequently removed this week. 

The reverberations of Joe Pa's termination are being felt throughout the country.  It has been the lead story on ESPN and Good Morning America.  I wish the current players luck as they try to complete this season.  They are still undefeated in the Big Ten.  The real test now will be how the perpetrator and cover up team for the child abuse that occured will be dealt with.

Joe Paterno passed away three weeks after being diagnosed with lung cancer.  He never was able to face his accusers.

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