The Enigma of Vince Fumo

Vince Fumo is currently serving a 55 month sentence in Kentucky.  He was convicted of misusing the public trust.  He used Commonwealth of PA employees for personal errands, to spy on his ex-wives and girlfriends and other tawdry deeds.  He used yachts of boards that he sat on for personal trips.  He also fleeced a community organization that he got an enormous amount of funding for from PECO.  Even though Mr. Fumo was wealthy, he enjoyed using other people's money. 

Many of his colleagues lamented the fact that we had lost a powerful figure who bought millions to Southeastern PA.  Some would assert that what he did was wrong but paled in comparison to his many good deeds.  Currently, prosecutors are seeking a resentencing based on the fact that he was responsible for almost $2.5 million in theft.  The presiding judge was too lenient in his sentencing.  I agree.  Corey Kemp is still in jail.  He was convicted during the John Street administration for abusing the public trust.  He received a 10 year sentence for crimes much less egregious. 

Mr. Fumo's current actions are puzzling.  He is now sending out invective filled e-mails.  He has not shown any remorse or acknowledged any guilt.  He still thinks the Philadelphia Inquirer was out to get him.  It is sad to hold so much hate and revenge inside.  He will probably receive additional years.  Maybe other public officials, can one say John Perzel, will realize that it is a position of trust that requires honesty and accountability.  I would like to hear Mr. Fumo admit at least once that what he did was wrong. 

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