Basketball Wives and the Upcoming Season

It was a slightly snowy day in Philly today.  Also, I am under the weather and my wife confined me to the house.  I had to find out what is happening on television.  Tiger is making a charge at the AT & T Pebble Beach Pro-Am but that is getting to be old hat right now.  Close but no cigar for Tiger is the norm since his marital meltdown in 2009.  Did I mention marriage?  It is one of my reasons fr blogging about this reality series.  I watched it on and off last season.  The trials and tribulations of Jennifer Williams a she was divorcing Erik Williams was one of the heartbreaks of the show.  Also, Tami Roman almost knocking out any woman who didn't agree with her was comical but sad.  The Executive Producer, Shaunie O'Neal, was married to a sure fire Hall of Famer in Shaq.  It is amazing that after having five children together that they couldn't find a way to salvage their marriage.  Shaq is now with a former reality show star from the Flavor of Love, Hoopz.  A seven foot 330 pound man with a 4'11' woman with a past that included competing for love with Flavor Fav.  That is sad.  The truth about Basketball Wives, not the L.A. version, is that most of the women are not even married.  Meka Claxton is married and they are ready to vote her off the show.  Royce is supposedly Dwight Howard's bamy momma and she is not married.  Evelyn was supposed to be getting married to Chad Ochocinco but that was called off.  The rest of the women on the show are not in a happy relationship on camera.  Hence, the premise for Basketball wives is purely entertainment.  It must be nice to be able to fly to exotic locales to talk about your problems.  Also, it is really nice to be able to run up astronomical bar tabs while crying in your drinks.  Who's paying for those drinks?  Those of us who watch reality television.  I guess Vanessa Bryant, Kobe's ex, will be on the show in the near future.  The breakup of marriages should be the premise of the show as opposed to being wives.  I cannot point to one happily married couple on the show but I will watch a few episodes to keep up on the sure to be exciting events. 

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