186th District Results and Expectations

Congratulations to Jordan Harris on his recent primary win to represent the 186th District in the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  He beat Damon Roberts and Timothy Hannah in a hard fought race.  It was a shame that only 17.6% of registered voters took the time to exercise their right to vote in our society.  I hope we do not become too jaded to realize that it is a true privilege to vote on election Day.  Mr. Harris enjoyed the support of State Senator Anthony Williams and City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson.  He also had excellent community support.  Whenever I visited his office, it was a buzz of activity.

 The proof will be in the pudding now.  Propose legislation and support it.  Promise jobs and deliver on that promise.  I wish the young man success as Point Breeze and Southwest Philadelphia need all of the resources that can be brought back from Harrisburg.  Gun legislation will not pass in a Republican legislature but anti-violence procedures will help.  Also, Education will be a big issue as the School District is in a state of crisis.  It is truly tough being a Teacher today.  I posted a picture of water lilies on this blog because we need peace in our community. 

We need jobs and safe housing.  It makes me think about serenity and calm.  In spite of continuing budget cuts we must still find a way to survive.  Legislators are not miracle workers but they can be a big help to a community that has been historically underrepresented in success metrics in society.  High unemployment and rates of incarceration along withhigh rates of teenage pregnance area tough mix to overcome.  Good luck addressing these issues.

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