The Democratic Committee Dinner in Philadelphia

On April 3rd, 2012 I was fortunate enough to attend the Democratic Committee Diner.  It was held at the Sheetmetal Workers Hall.  This was my second year attending and the first in which I was not a candidate.  Last year I was campaigning for a City Commissioner position and was more involved in the meet and greet aspect of the event.  I met Wanda Logan and Michael Ellis who are running for State Representative positions their respective districts. 

I had a chance to speak with Donna Reed Miller who recently retired as a City Councilperson for the 8th District.  She and Anna Verna, former Cuncilpersonfor the 2nd District, were presented with Medals of honor by the Democratic Party for superior service.  Jordan Harris, Harold James, Damon Roberts and Timothy Hannah were there.  These gentlemen are running to represent the186th House District. 

Congressman Bob Brady, the Chairman of the Democratic Party, who is running unopposed as there also.  Th meeting was alled to order by Frank Oliver who is the Secretary of the Party.  At almost90 years old, his voice resonated as he called the meeting to order.  I sat a the Nesmith table.  I was invited by Kevin Price and Doug Nesmith.  The Voter ID law was not a topic of conversation.  The City Commissioner's office will be holding educational meeting on this issue in the near future. 

The Obama Team was represented by Malik Houghton who is an organizer in Pennsylvania.  I talked with Darryl Boozer and Luis Torrado, two business owners who are utilizing the political process as they grow their businesses.  I hope that voter turnout exceeds every one's expectations based on the fact that President Barak Obama is running unopposed.  We need to exercise this right like we mean it!

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