Sylvia Morton Jones and The Scourge of Breast Cancer

I attended a Home going Service for Sylvia Morton Jones on Thursday, April 26th, 2012.  She died from complications of Breast Cancer.  I last saw her at the Home going Service of Louise M. Boggs, my Grandmother.  She looked fine and had her same beautiful smile.  The disease must have ravaged her body rather quickly.  Her husband, Neil, and two daughters, Courtney and Chelsea, paid beautiful  tributes to her at the service.  I did not know she was a Jazz singer.  Also, she joined Bethlehem Baptist Church on the Easter Sunday that preceded her death.  She wanted her Family to have a church home.  Awesome.  She was 59 years old.  Some would say she was still young.  I just wanted to say that she was a person that always had a smile and was pleasant to speak with.  I read that she was a fine cook.  I know she was an excellent Mother and Wife based on the reflections of her Family and Friends.  Rest in Peace Sylvia.

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