2012 NBA Playoffs Are Getting Physical

Sports are a necessity in my life.  As I have become a student of world history, I know that sports plays a part in the lives of many people like myself around the world.  Whether it is rugby, soccer, cricket or tennis, those of us that are so inclined, get a positive release from sports activities.  I just read about a cricket player, Sachin Tendulkar, who has scored like 15,000 runs during his career.  I don't know much about cricket but that sounds legendary.The NBA playoffs have provided a serious measure of entertainment over the last few weeks.

I am a Philadelphia 76ers fan.  My team faces an elimination game tonight against the Boston Celtics.  I am proud of my team regardless of the outcome tonight.  We are playing against a team that is comprised of three future Hall of Famers and we are competing like heck.  Elton Brand even showed up last game.  Andre Iguadala should shed some of his choker status.  I need Lou Williams to heat it up with about 20 tonight.  The Lakers just got bounced from the playoffs by a young Oklahoma City Thunder team.  The San Antonio Spurs have been methodical in dispatching both the New Orleans Jazz and the L.A. Clippers in 8 games.  I haven't paid much attention to the West Coast games though.  I promised myself I wouldn't watch six hours of television in a day also.

My interest in the Miami Heat vs. Indiana Heat series has been high.  I have been rooting against the Heat because is seems like they tried to buy the series when the Big Three got together.  The Pacers have tried to intimidate the Heat with physical play but that does not seem to be working.  In fact, LeBron James had 40 points, 18 rebounds and 9 assists the other day.  These statistics had not been duplicated since 1961 when Elgin Baylor did it.  Wow!!  They shut down the Pacers last night in a game which featured 3 flagrant fouls.  They are doing this without Chris Bosh. 

I will have to watch a few of the Western Conference final games.  Tim Duncan and the Spurs have a few rings already so I will be rooting for OKC.
If my team survives tonight, I will be looking for a Pacers win.  If not, the Heat can pull it off :-)  It should be really good basketball for those of us that are watching.  Have a great day!!

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