God Delivered Me From the Crack House

Tomorrow, I will make my acting debut at Waters Memorial Church.  I will play a drug dealer/pimp named Hassan.  I would say that this character is a stretch for me.  I was volunteering at the Church on the Martin Luther King Day of service and Barbara Walker was cooking the most wonderful food.  I was asked by my big Sister Joanne Hemingway, a Church Elder, if I would like to act in a play that Ms. Walker had written.  I accepted.  After numerous rehearsals, tomorrow is my big day.  I have a dress rehearsal tonight.  In spite of the fact that the Sixers are playing the Celtics in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, I will not miss it.  I am impressed by the singing of the cast members.  There are some touching scenes and the stories of addiction, losing one's family and recovery are ones that I know.  It is a faith based play also with some powerful spiritual references.  I need to get my last few lines right and I can make this a successful event tomorrow.  My next move will be singing a solo in a musical :-)  Watch out world.

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