Cole Hamels is sending the Wrong Message!

Cole Hamels intentionally hit Bryce Harper with a pitch the other day in a game involving the Philadelphia Phillies and the Washington Nationals.  Bryce Harper is a 19 year old rookie who has already been featured in Sports Illustrated.  He actually left high school early to play Junior College baseball.  He has been a phenomenon since he was 12.  Cole's rationale was that he was going back to old school baseball to intimidate this young man.  I disagree with his actions.  Apparently, the Baseball Commissioner did too.  Hamels was suspended five games for intentionally hitting Mr. Harper.  The Phillies lost the game and are struggling to regain the dominance that we displayed in the National League East for the last few years.  Only desperate teams and players resort to actions like Cole's.  He was subsequently hit by a pitch in the same game.  What if he had been hit in the elbow or hand?  We are already missing Ryan Howard and Chase Utley. 

I hope he uses his five game suspension to reflect on the fact that he was once a young, much heralded player.  He was fortunate to win a World Series ring with the Phillies.  I cannot remember someone tring to intimidate him in terms of his transition to the pros.  I would love to see Bryce Harper develop into the type of player that many people predicted.  We need superstars in a league that has been tainted by steroids during the home run derby years. Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, and Barry Bonds will not make the Hall of Fame because of dubious practices on their way to breaking Roger Maris' home run record.  Roger Clemens is fighting to save his reputation against allegations that he used steroids during his dominant career.  He is innocent until proven guilty but I wll not be surprised if he used steroids to maintain his edge during a 20 year career.  Cole is also playing for a new contract.  Stupid mistakes like the one he made can knock millions off of his marketability.  An apology about his actions would help.  The tough guy act does not fit the image he as built up as a savvy left handed starter for the Phillies.  Otherwise, he could be amarked man the next time we face the Nationals.  They had been doormats but are playing up to their potential.  They recently lost Jayson Werth to a broken hand but Ihope they make our rivalry interesting.

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