Happy 25th Anniversary Shawn and Michael

I get a little serious sometimes in my blogs.  Today, I am on a lighter note.  Twenty-five years ago today, at 4:00 PM, I married my college sweetheart, Shawn Clarice Keith.  We celebrate a milestone today and I am happy for the decision I made.  We have two beautiful children and are working hard to raise them and maintain a loving household.

We lost some people along the way.  George Brown, Vera Brown Keith and Geraldine Brown Buggs were very important people in Shawn's life.  Her Grandfather, Mother and Aunt all played a significant part in raising her.  Julius Bell Sr., John A. Bell and Louise M. Boggs were important people in my life.  My Father, Grandfather and Grandmother helped to mold me and become a loving Husband.
We lost one friend from the wedding party, Kristin Taylor.  Thankfully, everyone else is still journeying with us. 

It will be a low key day.  We hung out at Harrah's on Sunday with Mona and Donnell Smith.  Prayers out to Joann Keith and Andy Boyd.  Mona's Mother and Donnell's Father have entered the ancestor realm.  We also had a few Friends over on Monday.  Rab, Nut and Reggie were all there with us on that Saturday in 1988.  Ronald Wallace Sr. has a seat in heaven watching us enjoy our journey.  Raymond Mayo and Sara Brown Mayor are probably interacting with all of my people in heaven also.  Gerry and Trevor Mayo help to make our married lives that much more fulfilling and their Mother and Father are missed as we continue our earthly interactions.

We have a nice weekend planned to finish up the Anniversary week.  Drinks on Friday somewhere in Chester.  I have to turn it in early because I have an event on Saturday morning.  We will celebrate Raeesah Brown's 21st birthday at Dave & Buster's on Saturday.  Also, we will party for Reggie Wallace's 50th on Saturday night.  We will be five bottles of Cook's champagne lighter but I will feel great and look forward to the next challenges.

Once again: Happy Anniversary Shawn and Mike (that being myself).  Good luck on the next 25 years together.

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