Kia Boggs Pinkney: A Light in My Life

My relationship with Kia Boggs Pinkney goes back almost 35 years.  I was on my way to Chew Playground or the Christian Street YMCA when I noticed this beautiful girl with long hair and skinny long legs.  She was truly a keeper and I wondered where she had been all of my life.  Somehow, we began a few phone conversations and then a bigger event occurred.  I met Louise M. Boggs on the 2 bus and the rest is history.

In the course of our 35 year relationship, we have shared some good times and gone through some tough times.  Kia and Mom Helen were the first two people who I saw when my Father passed away.  I think they brought a pan of chicken but just them being there was a blessing.  I became Kia's big brother and we had many adventures together.  Beginning with parties at St. Joseph's Prep, be still my heart, to other events at La Ferry and Kim Graves, she rolled with me and my homies on a regular basis.

Kia wrote one of the first letters I received while at Howard University.  I love her handwriting and her spirit.  As a dancing girl at South Carolina State University, she was a ten on a scale of one to ten.
She became a beautiful woman while matriculating at SC State and I couldn't be more proud of her today.  I was fortunate enough to help Kia complete her last credits at Community College and she has been there for me in more ways than one over the years.

We talk on the phone almost every day.  I never met my Sister Christine who died at birth but Kia has become my Sister and more.  I remember when Kia was living in Baltimore and someone broke into her place.  Shawn and I visited and I felt so bad.  Kia is a survivor and got through this situation, and many others, with a perseverance that I admire.  She is a true Mother now to her growing boys.  We both know the joy and pain of raising children in tough economic times.

I helped plan Kia's 30th and 40th Birthday parties.  I was there for Mom Helen's 60th and 70th parties in addition to Leah's 40th.  I love the milestones that we celebrated together.  She helped to make my 40th birthday party one of the best days of my life.  We have celebrated at so many block parties, impromptu house parties and just hanging out that I sometimes take her for granted.  I hope she never feels that way.

If I am blessed to reach 50, I am quites sure Kia will be at the party.  Kia:  You are Truly, Truly Special to me.  I know the challenges we all face are great but we will work on keeping our relationship one that I treasure forever.

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