Happy 50th Birthday Reginald M. Wallace

There are some milestones that one celebrates in life that are truly historical.  Reaching 50 years of age is one of those marks that causes time for introspection.  My best Friend Reggie Wallace turns fifty years old today.  We actually met back in 1964.  Our mothers were enrolling our siblings in St. Rita's and we were along for the walk.  We happened to be in the same kindergarten class and the rest as they say, is history.

Reggie and I were comic book buffs.  We shared a love for baseball cards and Philly sports.  He left the fold and became a 49ers fan and a Bulls fan.  The only Philly team he remains a fan of is the Phillies.  We were altar boys together and he managed the basketball team at St. Rita's while I tried developing my jump shot.  We used to take our long rides on the Broad Street subway to visit Mr. Kelpsch at LaSalle University and a life long friendship was born.

Reggie went in the military after high school while I matriculated to Howard University.  We stayed in touch.  I would receive letters from Spain and Germany while he was completing his tour of duty.  When I bought my first house on 15th Street, Reggie and Kevin were the first two people to visit.  He spent many a heatless day watching sports with me there while I was trying to get on my feet.  It helps to have a friend who helps ride the waves of life.

Reggie was the Best man of my wedding.  Twenty-five years later, we celebrated his 50th birthday party at the Landreth and what a party it was.  First of all, the food was delicious.  Hoagies, chicken wings, saldas and a delicious cake.  Also, the music was happening.  It was a mini South Philly reunion.  The only person missing was Hound.  I hope he is chilling in Arizona.  Happy Birthday Reg and I wish you many more to come.

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