The Assassination of Law Enforcement Personnel is a Bad Sign

I shudder to think that we might become like Mexico.  I say that because first journalists were the target of the lawless factions that rule parts of that country.  If you reported a crime or a murder, then you became a victim.  Even Internet reports were subject to retribution.  Then police officers were the targets for the ire of the cartels.  The officers, in many situations, have now become part of the criminal element.  It is better to stay alive and be slightly crooked than to the letter of the law and dead.  It's hard to believe I just wrote that but I live here in the United States. 

In Colorado, a prison Warden was murdered approximately two months ago.  It was discovered that he might have been targeted by a white supremacist prison gang.  In Texas, two district attorneys were recently murdered.  It is speculated that the same supremacist gang might be responsible for the awful murders.  In the second murder, the DA's wife was also killed.  Prosecutors, defense attorneys and all law enforcement personnel should be on alert.  There was a recent rampage in California by a former military enlistee based on the perception of unfair treatment in the court system.  That gentleman killed the daughter of his attorney and her fiance.  He also killed at least one police officer. 

In West Virginia this week, a Sheriff who had been cracking down on drug dealers was shot and killed.  The suspect was just arrested after a shootout with police.  The motives for the shooting are unknown at this point but the fear that some law enforcement personnel and attorneys must be feeling is real.  Lose a case that the defendant thinks should be won and suffer dire consequences.  It is perplexing that white supremacists, if that is the case, are targeting non-minority personnel.  We have suffered enough racial turmoil in this country but what signal are these murders sending?

PHOTO: Tennis Melvin Maynard is charged with attempted murder of a police officer in Williamson, W.Va.

The 24 hour news cycle has sensationalized murders and other tragic events.  I posted on Facebook that I refuse to watch Criminal Minds anymore because the crime and criminals are too real for my imagination.  I have begun to watch old episodes of Law and Order and I realize that there are some deranged individuals in the world.  I feel sorry for the families of those individuals affected by these recent actions.  i hope it is a trend that fades really quickly.  I also hope that, like CSI, the murders are solved relatively quickly.  We cannot descend into a lawless country like our neighbors to the south.

We used to have an issue with police brutality here in Philadelphia.  A suspect could suffer real abuse in a police van or in a holding cell.  I think police realize that they are being watched more closely and some govern their actions accordingly.  There was a recent acquittal of a police officer who punched a woman while being filmed but that is the subject of another blog.  I don't want to tunr the tide of vilence on police officers.  I still want them to be available should I need to call 911.

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