Does Becoming Increasingly Islamic Automatically Lead to Bombings?

I am in a quandary on this blog.  I understand the influence of religion on some people's lives.  As a Christian, I try everyday to live up to the ideals of a God fearing person.  I am not perfect and it is a struggle to always keep the Gospel in the forefront of my life.  I definitely focus on the improvement that living a principled life can bring.  My difficulty is understanding the need for Islamic militants to take out frustration and anger on Americans.

We got hit hard on 9-11.  Almost 3000 people lost their lives and many more had their lives disrupted because of this tragedy.  It was discovered that Osama Bin Laden had organized this act of terror to punish the United States for crimes against Islam.  The Saudis, Yemenis and other bombers all held a strict allegiance to Islam.  I am wondering where in the Quran it calls for murdering innocent civilians?  The World Trade Center was the site of two attacks by terrorists.  Numerous other attacks have been carried out or foiled in the attempt.  The underwear bomber could have caused major havoc on the plane he was riding on.  He was a Muslim from Nigeria.

The recent bombing of the Boston Marathon was caused by suspects who used a growing belief in Islam to cause pain and suffering here in the US.  Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed in a shootout with police after he was identified by surveillance photos as a person of interest in the case.  He and his brother were seen walking with backpacks moments before the first and second explosions.  The younger brother was a naturalized American citizen.  Tamerlan claims he didn't have any American friends because he couldn't understand us.  He was married to an American woman with a child though.  The younger brother seemed to be a follower but his intentions and on-line rants were just as troublesome.

I could not have imagined growing up in Chechnya.  This region was involved in a brutal war with Russia that saw many casualties.  I remember an instance in which Chechens had taken over a school.  The Russians invaded and almost 300 school children perished as a result.  The Tsarnaev's were here as refugees because of that conflict.  One thing about them bombing us is confusing.  What did the United Sates have to do with that conflict?  During the Cold War, we were sworn enemies with the Russians.  We never murdered Chechen civilians though.  Why would the older suspects increasing faith in Islam lead him to institute a terror attack on us?  Regardless of his reasons, he paid for the attack with his life.  The bloodshed he caused left us bloodied but not beaten.

The younger brother probably doesn't understand the bed that he has made for himself.  It might have been better to go out guns ablazing.  He was found hiding in a boat after seeming to think he was going to get away with the crime.  He attended college classes on Tuesday and Wednesday and he tweeted like he didn't have a care in the world.  When the walls started closing in, he took off and ran.  Many questions are still left unanswered.  What else were they planning to blow up?  After New York and Boston have suffered bombings, can Philadelphia be too far behind?  As I finish this blog, I am not anti-Muslim.  I believe in God.  I just don't understand how as a person's faith grows, harming innocent people becomes an accepted course of action.

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