My Super Bowl Pick: Seattle Seahawks

I feel a lot better about watching Super Bowls now that I got over the heartbreak of the Eagles losing to the Patriots down in Jacksonville in Super Bowl 39 in 2005.  We were on a magical ride after beating the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship game.  I was in a major funk after that loss.  We had some of the best football parties ever leading up to the Game.  We partied at Rick and Robin Manigault's, Mona and Donnell's, James Marshall's, Rab's, Gerry's, Chuck and Melody's and wherever else would accommodate at least 40 people.

The two Super Bowls I enjoyed after that were the Giants wins over the Patriots.  I think that Tom Brady was handed a few Super Bowl wins early in his career.  The egregious injustice was the tuck rule win over the Raiders in the playoffs.  He clearly fumbled the ball in a snowy game.  The Patriots got the ball back and won on a field goal.  Eli Manning might not be considered to be as good as Peyton but he has two Super Bowl rings.  I am happy for the Ravens fans and for Ray Lewis winning in his last game.  It wasn't high on my scale of favorite games.

This is the first time that the game has been played in a cold weather city.  We have been enduring a particularly cold and snowy winter here in the Northeast.  Today's forecast is for approximately 40 degrees at kickoff.  No snow is predicted so it should be a great games after the players get their nerves together.  No one from the Seahawks has ever played in the Super Bowl before.  Peyton Manning is the only player that has a ring.  John Elway will look like a genius for getting rid of Tim Tebow and pursuing Manning with a singular focus.  I thought he was washed up after the neck surgeries but the Broncos offense just put up record setting numbers for touchdowns and points.

One of the side stories to the Super Bowl has been the larger number of arrests for prostitution.  I know the gambling numbers will be tremendous.  It was reported that Floyd Mayweather has placed $10 million on the Broncos.  It was reported yesterday that many local businesses are not reaping the windfall of an expected $500 million in expected revenue.  Maybe because fans from two west coast teams have so spend so much on airfare, hotels and tickets to get to the game.  Also, corporations that are spending are probably confined to their hotels.  I wish the smaller companies success in generating revenue from this extravaganza.

Richard Sherman, a cornerback from the Seahawks, has generated a considerable amount of attention this week.  He caused a game winning interception for his team and proceeded to criticize Michael Crabtree from the 49ers.  It was brash talk but his 20 interceptions since he began his career are the best in the league.  This game features the #1 offense against the #1 defense.   Bruno Mars will perform at halftime.
We are having buffalo wings and pizza for the main event.  I predict the Seattle Seahawks will win 27 - 19.
I hope that there are no major injuries and that a great game breaks out after an exciting season.

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