Tyler Doohan: Rest In Peace

I was awestruck by a recent event that occurred in upstate New York.  Tyler Doohan was an eight year old boy who had a beautiful smile.  A fire was ravaging the trailer home that he lived in with his Family.  He is credited with saving at least six lives.  He lost his life trying to save his disabled uncle.  I would have to place him at Hero status for his selfless actions.  What young person would be as fearless as he was in saving lives and protecting his family?   I don't think there would be many.

Tyler was unable to save his grandfather, Lewis Beach, or his uncle, Steven Smith.  It must have been a horrible fire and it certainly had devastating consequences.  I know how cold it can be in these parts.  We used to travel to Buffalo to visit my Mother in Law Vera B. Keith.  We rarely made the trip in the winter though.  I am quite sure his classmates will miss him.  I know I would have been totally impressed with a classmate as brave as Tyler was.  I would have thought long and hard about entering a structure with roaring flames coming from it.  Tyler Doohan, for a life well lived, Rest in Peace!!

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