If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Nominee in 2016, We Will Struggle to Win

I admire Hillary Clinton as a woman of strength, power and intellect.  Her biography reads like a Made in America success story.  She was the 67th Secretary of State of the United States.  She was a United States Senator in New York from 2001 until 2009.  She was the First Lady of the United States from 1993 until 2001.  She was the First Lady of Arkansas from 1983 until 1992.  She is a Yale Law School graduate and was the first female chair of the Legal Services Corporation and the first female partner of the Rose Law firm.

As a Presidential candidate in 2008, Mrs. Clinton won more primaries than any other female candidate in American history.  She was riding a wave of public support during this time.  Unfortunately, she lost a narrow election to President Barak Obama.  She and her husband are said to keep a list of people who supported Obama instead of her campaign.  He subsequently appointed her to be his Secretary of State.  She resigned from this post after an amazing run of 31 years in public service.  The last year of her tenure was marred by the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya which resulted in the first death of a U.S. ambassador in more than 30 years.

I am very proud of Hillary Clinton's service as a Senator and a Secretary of State.  She helped the US. to navigate the tumult of the Arab spring.  There were many leaders in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen who did not survive this uprising.  Although the current conflict in Syria was predicted to be over years ago, the diplomatic efforts of  Mrs. Clinton could not help this ongoing crisis.  Secretary Clinton logged many visits and represented the United States well during her tenure.  She was responsible for unveiling a Global Hunger and Food Security initiative as a strategic part of U.S. foreign policy.

My major concern with Hillary's presidential aspirations is her age.  She is 67 years old and successful Presidents have been re-elected recently.  President Obama will finish his second term while still in his mid fifties.  The Republicans had limited success in the last two elections with Senator John McCain who was in his late sixties when he ran.  He also made the mistake of choosing Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential candidate.  Mitt Romney was also in his late sixties when he ran unsuccessfully for President.  I just feel that the stress of the job is not meant for someone that will begin their first term when they are in their late sixties.

I thought that Governor Chris Christie would provide a viable option for Republicans before the Bridgegate scandal erupted.  He is currently trying to utilize campaign funds to hire legal help to respond to numerous subpoenas for information about this terrible event.  I wonder what other Democratic candidates will surface to battle for the right to lead our country.  Vice President Biden is in the same category as Mrs. Clinton.  He is already in his seventies and I wouldn't feel comfortable about supporting his candidacy.  I wish Hillary luck is she does decide to declare her candidacy.  I will just look to support someone younger. 

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