Gay Bashing Attack in Center City Philadelphia: Astounding!

I saw a post on Facebook yesterday about a couple that were brutally attacked in Center City yesterday.  My first thought was that it was a group of young African Americans who were continuing a tradition of wilding out on people.  There were some horrific incidents on South Street, at the H & M store on Chestnut Street and in other locations.  I am African American so I don't think of it as racism.  In fact, the situation was so bad that the mayor got on his bully pulpit at a Baptist church and called out all parents for the apparent lawlessness.

I was shocked when the potential suspects were shown on surveillance cameras walking down 16th street after a supposed meal at another center city establishment.  They appeared to be well dressed, twenty-somethings who shouldn't have been angry enough to cause facial fractures and psychological injuries to a pair of committed individuals.  Credit social media for a quick response to the pictures of the alleged assailants.  One cyber sleuth in particular, @fansince09, was particularly helpful in pointing out that some of the perpetrators might have dined at Voila restaurant before the attack.

In 2014, I am still wondering why someones sexual orientation is the cause for a physical attack by another individual or group.  There were reports of terrible attacks on gay individuals in New York city.  People are just trying to live their lives and other people are using envy and hate to deter them from that goal.  Here in Pennsylvania, a Commonwealth that does not provide protection for LGBT individuals, this story has to shine some light on inclusion efforts.

I have two grown off spring.  If one of my children were gay I would have to be accepting of that fact.  I have friends that are gay.  I want them to be safe and not subject to attacks from people affected with homophobia.  I wonder what some of these individuals that have been identified through the use of security cameras are feeling now.  Some have promising careers.  All will say that they were not raised like that.  Some will blame their actions on alcohol and the herd mentality.  How many of them would like to be subjected to relentless punching, kicking and verbal slurs?  None of them.

I wish the individuals that were attacked Godspeed on the recovery process.  Who knew that walking downtown while enjoying a summer night was grounds for being ruthlessly attacked.  I thought we had bigger things to be concerned about like ISIS and the beheading of journalists and AID workers in Syria.  The parents of these young men will now have to wonder what type of society we are living in where the attraction of their sons to members of the same sex is similar to a death sentence.  I would like to see justice prevail in this attack and a heightening of acceptance of those that appear different than whatever norm is imposed upon us by society at large.

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