Jameis Winston: What is the Matter with You?

I love to see superior athletes in almost any sport.  Bryce Harper was a phenomenon in baseball who has helped the Washington Nationals to clinch the NL East title.  Emmit Smith was a legend at the University of Florida and a Super Bowl Champion with the Dallas Cowboys.  John Wall lit up the nation in one year the University of Kentucky and led the Washington Wizards to the playoffs in the NBA this year.  Freddy Adu was drafted in his teen years to play pro soccer.  I am in a quandary as to how to place Jameis Winston among these gifted athletes.

I was happy that Florida State ended the run of SEC teams that have won national titles in college football.  If it wasn't Alabama winning the title then it was Auburn.  If it wasn't Florida then it was LSU.  The combination of speed and skill that the athletes in the SEC bring to the table are amazing.  I am partial to the Penn States and Ohio States of the world.  Jameis Winston was the young man who was going to end the reign of the SEC.  He did that in a thrilling come from behind victory over Auburn in January of this year.  He was the second freshman to win a Heisman and seemed poised to take the football world by storm.

His story did not exactly begin on a positive note.  He was accused of rape by a fellow FSU student.  Many star athletes find themselves in sticky situations with members of the opposite sex.  I think that Adrian Peterson is wishing that he might have used discretion before fathering seven children with who knows how many different women.  The young freshman was exonerated by the District Attorney's office in Florida.  The University announced this year that it would be conducting its own Title IX investigation based on an NCAA requirement.  You would think that the specter of a rape indictment might keep Jameis on a short leash.  One would tend to think otherwise based on incidents of this year.

Jameis was arrested for stealing crab legs and crayfish from a supermarket this year.  He was also suspected of shooting BB guns at an apartment where FSU students live.  Recently, he was suspended for a half of a game for reciting vulgar, sexually explicit phrases in a student union building.  He once again apologized for his me first activities.  He had admonished reporters to bash him in the head if he exhibited Manzeilitis after his Heisman win.  Johnny Manziel has been pretty quiet in Cleveland after a somewhat tumultuous college career.  The decision for Jameis now is what to do with the rest of his college career.

The NFL is in an unprecedented flurry of bad news regarding the actions of some of its players.  Ray Rice has been suspended indefinitely for knocking out his wife in a casino elevator.  A Carolina Panthers player has been put on the exempt list for being convicted of assault on his girlfriend.  Sorry to mention AP twice in this blog, but he has been suspended for whipping one of his children with a whip and hurting another one in the same manner.  Jameis, utilize your talent to make the millions that you dream of.  Remember that your actions at the NFL level will have more severe repercussions than the minor slap on the wrist that you just received from Florida State for repeated infractions of the student conduct code.

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