Stephen A. Smith: Really?

I am still feeling the glow from winning a hard fought game over the Washington Redskins on Sunday.  I know that the players that participated in the game are probably sore as all heck.  It was a very physical game with hard hits all around.  It was high scoring also.  The Eagles became the first team in NFL history to come back and win after experiencing ten point deficits in each of their three games.  We don't like having to do this but 3 - 0 is a pretty good feeling right now.

Another interesting aspect of the game on Sunday was the return of DeSean Jackson to the Linc.  DeSean was one of my favorite players for the six years that he was here.  I thought he was a little small coming out of California but what he lacked in size he made up for with speed and sure hands.  I would have been as insulted as he was when they signed the football playing Steve Smith to a contract before they secured him with a long term deal.  When DeSean finally received a nice contract that would have paid him $10 million this season, the Eagles released him.  Go figure.  He did score an 80 yard touchdown on Sunday and mocked us with the flapping wings and a swift kick.  Football, you gotta love it.

In spite of the reality of injuries and the long term mental health of many of the NFL players, many of us love the action on Sundays.  I especially like the football parties that we have.  We had a serious event for the game on Sunday at Rab Hamilton's in Chester.  The cuisine was awesome and the food always tastes better when we win.  The game featured a fracas that was initiated by a vicious hit on Nick Foles by the Redskins' lineman Chris Baker.  He clocked Nick Foles after an apparent interception by the defense.  NFL rules clearly identify a QB as a defenseless player after a change of possession.  Nick wasn't even looking at Nick Baker when he was upended by the hit.  Jason Peters came to his defense and was suspended as a result of the ensuing melee.

I think of a player like Jermichael Finley of the Green Bay Packers when I think of the dangers of playing football.  He has not been able to get back on to the field after suffering a spinal cord injury against the Cleveland Browns.  I think of Leonard Weaver of the Eagles who suffered a gruesome knee injury while trying to gain a few extra yards.  We just lost four offensive linemen due to injuries received on the field.
Why would sportscaster Stephen A. Smith indicate that Nick Foles deserved to get popped on an illegal hit?  Stephen A. Smith is a bombastic announcer who likes to hear himself speak.  He took major heat and a suspension earlier this year for implying that women cause themselves to be beat up by men after the Ray Rice incident.  Maybe I shouldn't be surprised that he enjoyed a hit that could have seriously injured a player

As the season progresses, I hope that our mounting injuries on the offensive line slow a little.  Jeremy Maclin, after missing all of last year, is having a productive year.  Jordan Matthews might have been the steal of the draft.  Our defense continues to spot teams leads but our dynamic offense makes up for these deficits.  ESPN actually had to cease a segment on their shows called 'Jacked Up.'  It used to feature vicious hits that almost incapacitated players.  I think the station was politically correct for moving on from these supposed highlights.  Maybe Stephen A. Smith is angling for a bigger spot on the national stage.  I hope he doesn't think he can do it be promoting senseless hits on defenseless players.

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