Big Jon's 50th Birthday: A Great Way to end 2014

The hype actually began last year with Jonathan Wright's 49th Birthday party.  Kurtis Blow was the surprise guest and he turned the party out.  Yes, Kurtis Blow of rap fame.  Big Jon is like that!  We received a save the date card back in June.  Jon was reserving a block of rooms at the Hamilton Hotel and December 27th, 2014 was the date to be in the place.  I wonder if the owners of the Hamilton are related to Edward 'Rab' Hamilton?  If they are, I didn't get the family discount.

We had an awesome time at our annual Christmas Eve party.  Shawn and I didn't get a chance to do a count, but I would say that about 60 people attended the soiree.  Big shout out to Tasha and Mike Samuels for the chicken.  Kia and Leslie Pinkney for the Swedish Meatballs and Pasta Salad.  It was a bottle of Hennesey tucked in there also.  Marta and Moo Cottman for the Chicken Salad and adult beverages.  Trevor for the Sangria and beef brisket.  K-Wall for the jerk meatballs.  Rab for the string beans and Sav for the hoagies.  The Richardson's for the sodas and Footie for the Iced Tea.  Murray Spencer provided the Grey Goose.  Mona made Chili and whomever else contributed, I Love You!!

Michael Bell's photo.

It was after this party and the Christmas Day get together that we prepared to leave for the District of Columbia.  Shawn had begun picking out her outfit in early December.  I was able to grab a few shirts on Passyunk Avenue the day of the party.  We met at Rab's and left for what should have been a two hour drive.  It turned into four hours but we wasted no time preparing for the shindig.  It was a quick change at an amazingly tight hotel room and we began the big event.

We saw Mario Williams on the way in.  Mario is my Homey from Roman Catholic High School.  Douglas Coleman, aka Harlem Knight, was collecting funds at the door.  We ran into Tracy Graham, Clarence Labor, Angelina and Rick Nock, Pam Everett and her sister, Pamela Hillsman and a host of other friends.  Robin Hamilton Manigault was also there.  Debra Howell made the trip up from Portsmouth, VA.  It was just like a Howard University Homecoming.  We were all looking forward to the delectable food.  I don't know if I mentioned that Jon is a caterer.  He had his famous chicken salad, crab balls and lamb chops.  I also had pasta salad and a few other items.

We weren't there for Jon's grand entrance.  He had a plaid jacket along with a bow tie and smooth shoes.  By the time that the fabulous CeCe Penniston was showing up, Jon had changed into a one piece throw back outfit with lizard shoes.  He is a one man party machine.  I would estimate the crowd at about 300 people.  I ran into Shana Ervin who had recently lost her Mother.  Jennifer Long and Carla Jordan were there along with Dina Estelle Williams.  I took some awesome pictures and posted them on Facebook.  It was a positive year blogging in 2014.  I look forward to positive challenges and experiences in 2015.. 

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