Philadelphia Eagles: We Need the Win Tonight!!

A major NFC East battle looms tonight.  Philadelphia Eagles fans were treated to a convincing win over their bitter rivals on Thanksgiving Day.  We went into Dallas and handled the business 33 - 10.  Tony Romo was falling on the ground untouched numerous times during the game.  We are both 9 - 4 and the possibility that the loser will not gain a playoff berth is serious motivation for players and fans alike.  I am focused on getting some housework done while the 1:00 and 4:00 games are on today.  Christmas decorations are calling.

Mark Sanchez had a serviceable game on Turkey Day.  We do miss the long ball though and Chip Kelly has not been dialing those up consistently.  Jeremy Maclin seems to be struggling in Nick Foles' absence.  We no longer have DeSean Jackson to stretch the field.  He is in purgatory in Redskins land right now so we have to work with what we have.  I need to see Zach Ertz get untracked tonight.  Riley Cooper has all but disappeared from the offense.

Our special teams play has been consistent.  Darren Sproles has been a major addition to this phase of the game.  Chris Polk also took a kick off to the house.  We have had punt blocks returned for TD's also.  We got burned by the Packers on a punt return TD but other than that, special teams have been solid.  Cody Parkey has to be the best pickup in recent history.  Sorry, Alex Henery, but you were not helping Eagles fans out.  I also like Josh Huff.  Speed is a major asset of his and we need that as Chip continues to build this team.

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We learned a lesson against the Seahawks last Sunday.  We need to focus on the run game more if we are going to beat the elite teams.  I do count the Eagles as elite right now.  Their defense held us to 96 total yards.  The time of possession mismatch was formidable.  The fact that LeSean McCoy passed Wilbert Montgomery as the All Time rushing leader for the Eagles was an after thought.  We need to establish Shady in a big way tonight.  Stick with the run and save our defense a few snaps on the field.

Our fans will be major hyped tonight.  I attended the Carolina Panthers game this year and the atmosphere was electric.  It has been like that for every game that I am fortunate enough to attend.  The tailgating is probably beginning now.  I hope that Mark Sanchez does not revert to some of his turnover prone ways.  We need to take care of the football tonight.  As the Delaware Valley settles in, along with Eagles and Cowboys fans from around the country, I am looking for a hard hitting game tonight.  Of course, I am predicting an Eagles win.  The Cowboys are undefeated on the road.  We had a ten game home win streak snapped last week.  Let's go get this win!! E-A-G-L-E-S!!!  

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