Happy Thanksgiving 2014!!

It is Cyber Monday.  I am not exactly sure when this designation was accorded to this day but retailers will do their best to drum up business.  I understand the growing population of people who sit at home and order anything from televisions to couches on-line.  It made for a hectic season when I was driving as a contractor for Fed Ex.  It is a back on the grind day for me.  I am trying to stay afloat in this job market and want to one day partake in the Cyber Monday spoils.  I wish consumers and retailers happy shopping.

One of the highlights of my Thanksgiving Holiday was celebrating the 1st Birthday of my Granddaughter Malayja.  It was on November 26th.  What started out as a small gathering for cake and ice cream turned into an all out party.  Kevin, Ronnie, Reggie, Mike, Denise and CJ Wallace were here.  My Sister Kia Boggs-Pinkney and Karen attended.  Julius, Gram and Mom Bell were also here.  I usually celebrate with a bottle of fine spirits for the Godfather.  We also reminisce about past holidays and plan for the next day.  I think Malayja enjoyed her first birthday and we look forward to many more.

I also enjoy the shopping and planning part of the Holiday.  Thanksgiving is celebrated in many different countries in many variations.  For me, it is a chance to get together and enjoy Family.  We shopped at the Shoprite where Alonna works on Saturday.  We also picked up vegetables and other side dishes at 9th Street.  We bought some sharp cheese at DiBruno Brothers that is all that.  We were going to get some dipping oils but passed on that purchase.  I began prepping on Sunday morning and the rest of the short week was a whirlwind.

Many football fans were looking forward to the Philadelphia Eagles versus the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday.  The Detroit Lions fans celebrated a win over the Chicago Bears.  We put the hurt on Tony Romo and the Cowboys and it made the meal that much better.  Mark Sanchez did not turn the ball over.  Rejoice. Also, we are in sole possession of 1st place in the NFC East.  Uncle Paul, Aunt Connie, Trevor, Cash, Paige, John, Dennis, Meechie, Hassana and the Bells represented for dinner.  I stopped by Jackie's to drop off a drink but otherwise stayed close to home.  Shawn's culinary skills were appreciated by everyone.  Trevor bought Mum's and a Port wine that was awesome.

We finished up the weekend celebrating Henry C. Keith's 90th Birthday at the Palmer House in Chester, PA.  Shawn, Mona and Mike's Dad was born in 1924 in Georgia.  He is hanging tough and enjoyed our company.  Rab made him pig feet, gumbo and string beans.  We all bought hoagies and had a few MGD's.  It is a milestone birthday and we didn't want to miss a chance to celebrate it.  Little Donnell and Lauren were there and Malayja partied again with her Great Grandfather.  I was hoping for a Patriot win over the Green Bay Packers but that was not in the cards.  It was a beautiful Holiday and weekend.  Looking forward to 2015. 

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