The Comments of Stacey Dash: Clueless

There are some people who don't know what to do after their fifteen minutes of fame have elapsed.  After groundbreaking performances in Clueless and Single Ladies, Stacey is becoming know for her conservative viewpoints.  She once supported Barak Obama but switched parties to back Mitt Romney in 2013.  She now has a recurring role as an Analyst on the Fox News Channel.  Her recent comments about getting rid of BET and the NAACP image awards have some people questioning who she really is.

On paper she is an African American.  She has hazel eyes and a beautiful face.  She might otherwise be considered and airhead though.  When I was younger I used to love watching videos on BET.  Even though MTV had a rap segment, there was nothing like some serious soul videos when the mood arose.  I also used to enjoy watching Ed Gordon as he relayed information about world events.  The hit series Being Mary Jane found a home on BET.  Brandy has a resurgence as an actress on Zoe Ever After.  The NAACP awards are important also.  Actors of color are sometime treated unfairly on mainstream award shows.  The recent controversy concerning the whitewashing of the Oscars is a case in point.
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For the second year in a row, no minority actors have been nominated for an Oscar.  Will Smith couldn't make it based on his portrayal of a Doctor in Concussion.  Idris Elba couldn't make it for his role as a soldier in Beasts of No Nation.  According to Stacey Dash, these actors need to work harder to be recognized.  Chris Rock is set to host this years awards show.  He has refused calls to step down from the role.  He recents films have been flops so he needs the paycheck.  There has been a recent movement to boycott the Oscars led by Jada Pinkett Smith.  I am ambivalent because I have not watched many award shows recently.

Straight Outta Compton should have received nominations for Best Story, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.  This movie chronicled the rise of the rap group NWA.  Since Stacey and I are about the same age, she probably partied to Express Yourself, 100 Miles and Running and F*ck the Police.  Dr. Dre and Ice Cube have become cultural icons in this country's entertainment industry.  The struggles of the citizens living in Compton have been well documented.  How does this reenactment of the rise of a powerful rap group based on a true story not receive at least a nomination?  I am waiting on your comments Ms. Dash.

Stacey is clueless for her comments because of all of the issues affecting the Black community.  She made a comment that we should all be dining of the rich food of American culture and not settling for crumbs on the floor. WTH!!  People of color have been trying to break the glass ceiling for years.  Besides Michael Jordan, I wonder if she knows how many owners of professional sports teams are minority.  I wonder if she knows how many university presidents look like her.  We need to continue to value our cultural institutions and preserve them.

I wonder if Stacey goes to Italian restaurants.  Also, being a Bronx native, she should be aware that many immigrants to our country quickly create communities that allow them to celebrate their culture.  The many festivals from the Caribbean to Hispanic celebrations are intended to instill pride in the descendants of the countries from which people travel.  It seems like a measure of self hate to utter the comments that Stacey is now making.  We have interracial marriages from a number of different cultures.  We are a melting pot in many ways.  I will never forget the suffering and struggles that African Americans endured to have some semblance of a life in this country.  Stacey Dash should revisit her history and keep her comments about Black History and our institutions to herself.

P.S. Chris Rock had Ms. Dash make a cameo as a Diversity Consultant. That was not funny and made her look worse.

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