The NFL Coaching Carousel is Interesting

Why do many things that imply doom have to be Black.  Not getting racial here.  We have Black Friday as the day after Thanksgiving.  Many people have taken this to another level by trampling on folks while trying to get the best deal on a Cabbage Patch kid or some other whim.  I fail to understand how someone can leave the comfort of their home to enter a hostile crowd in search of a bargain.  The newest chromatically associated day is Black Monday.  It is the day after the NFL regular season ends and refers to the blood letting, figuratively, associated with coaches losing their jobs as teams continual to search for the Super Bowl solution.

In Philadelphia, Jeffrey Lurie did not wait for Black Monday to exercise his power to implement change.  Chip Kelly was let go on the Tuesday before Black Monday.  The owner indicated that he had never experienced a season as frustrating as this one.  The Thanksgiving day game, in which we got thrashed by Lions was my denouement.  We had already made Jameis Winston look like Johnny Unitas in a visit to the Linc.  Also, the Cardinals totally eviscerated our defense in a game akin to a practice session.  A scintillating win over the Patriots could not help Chip Kelly to fulfill his contract.

My problem with Chip started when he got rid of DeSean Jackson.  He didn't trade him for an asset.  He released him due to some culture versus scheme BS.  He then traded LeSean McCoy for an injured linebacker who looked more like a surfer dude than an enforcer.  He missed games due to injury and had just one highlight reel interception to account for this season.  We let Jeremy Maclin walk and also released Evan Mathis without an alternative.  We went from two 10 - 6 seasons to a 7 - 9 finish this year.  The smoothies and the sleep monitoring did nothing to keep our defense from being shredded unmercifully.

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The Grim Reaper visited coaches in San Francisco, Tampa Bay and Cleveland.  Lovie Smith went 8 - 24 in two seasons in Florida.  Many people would decry the fact that he needed more time to complete a turnaround.  His defense was ranked in the lower tier in many categories also.  He went from a 6 - 6 record to lose the last four games of his tenure.  Cleveland has been a coach killing city for years.  The Johnny Manziel experiment seems to have ended badly.  I don't know enough about Jim Tomsula in 49ers land to comment.  Jim Harbaugh wasn't shedding too many tears about their struggles though.  I hope Colin Kaepernick can rebound under a new coach though.

It was stated that Rex Ryan was given an ultimatum to win next year or else in Buffalo.  He sent the Jets home without a playoff game this year and that revenge helped his ego a little.  If fired, he will have another job within a week.  I read this morning that Jon Gruden has expressed interest in the Eagles vacant position.  He would be an instant classic and quote machine.  He has a Super Bowl ring and even though his last job ended in termination, I would welcome him.  Doug Pederson: Not.  He just doesn't seem firm enough and he and Andy Reid are tied at the hip.  I wish all NFL players an injury free playoff run.  I am probably going to pull for the Panthers.  As long as the Patriots don't win again, I will be happy.  I hope all coaches get new jobs somewhere also.   

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